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Hotel "El Convent 1613"

Hotel "El Convent 1613"


The hotel is in the middle of La Fresneda and has its own parking.

Calle Convento, 1 La Fresneda
Teruel (Spain)
Telf: (+34) 978 854 850
E-mail: hotel@hotelelconvent.com
Web: https://hotelelconvent.com/

I was especially excited to see "El Convent 1613". I had liked everything I had seen or read and the fact that it used to be a convent especially provoked me.

History tells that the original convent was located 6 km from the town and the inclement weather and austerity of the time were why it was abandoned. Then it was decided to move it to the town, in the middle of La Fresneda. Work on the new convent began in 1593 and ended in 1613. In order to be part of the hotel, they have completely rehabilitated what remained of the church (without a roof, or altar, or bell tower, but with the chapels intact), the well, the cloister cistern and many remains of walls and pavements.

In 1999 a family from Matarraña (province of Teruel) decides to make a radical change of life and ventures, with great enthusiasm, into a project that was risky: opening the doors of the convent so that we all have the opportunity to live it and see it. I congratulate them. Thanks to them we can now sleep in an old cloister or have dinner in an old church converted into a restaurant

The gardens are divided into different independent places. The two main areas are the pool and the cloister. The first is the one that is furthest from the hotel. I dare to say that perhaps it is the area where you can enjoy more tranquility. The second is wonderful. Seriously, the cloister hooks. It has a charm that won't let you leave. There are different spaces that invite you to be; simply to read or talk.

Inside, the first thing to see is the restaurant (the old church). Look at it, slowly, from above and from below. Glass and iron fit impeccably with the old structure, giving us an extraordinary design. It has character. The rest of the building (reception and living rooms) are completely rustic and that makes the restaurant even more prominent. The bedrooms are wide and have all the comforts (wifi, television, air conditioning, etc).

The service is good, but I want to make a special mention of Sandra... She is focused on work and prioritizing customer satisfaction above all else. If you talk to her, she'll recommend places to visit and make you visit twice La Fresneda... she won't forgive you if you don't see it day and night. And... you know what? She is right.

Small hotel with a special charm located in an environment that falls in love with those who know it.


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