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Getaway Les Tines de la Vall del Flequer

Getaway Les Tines de la Vall del Flequer

It is accessed by motorway to El Pont de Vilomara. Before entering this town, take the detour towards Rocafort. About halfway, turn off towards the Ca n’Oristrell car park (it is indicated). Leave the car here and begin the route.
Pàrquing de Ca n'Oristrell El Pont de Vilomara
Barcelona (Spain)
Web: https://bagesterradevins.cat/

I cannot excuse myself for not having known the history of the area or the "Bages Terra de Vins" project before. I write it with my head down and a lot of guilt. I am often interested in things that are far away when the ones we have at home are great.

My relationship with them has passed through three phases:

  • First one, the discovery, was through social networks. So cold, from home, and without exchanging dialogue with anyone.
  • Second one, curiosity and  "hook", I lived it browsing its website. I was in front of a project that had a lot in common with Raconets. Both want to promote alternative and local tourism while avoiding the social masses.
  • The third one, experience, lived in first person with Ricard. He lives the area with respect and speaks of the history with passion. He wants to publicize his land, without letting it sell at any price. Great!

It is just for this last point that I recommend doing the guided tour with "Bages Terra de Vins". The explanations "in situ" help to understand and know the area and the history behind that beautiful natural scenario.

The meeting point with them is the Ca n'Oristrell car park. The circular route begins there, on foot, through the Parc Natural de Sant Llorenç del Munt i l'Obach. It is almost 6 km long with a maximum altitude of 400 meters. Aside from a climb, the rest is affordable and easy to walk. The path is perfectly signposted.

It is a unique heritage in Catalonia. They are dry stone tubs (constructions made with lime mortar) that are located where there were formerly vineyards and olive trees. This was done in this way to have more time to collect the grapes and avoid losing the wages with the transport. In the vats the grape was thrown and carved with the men tied with ropes. Then it was left to ferment right there. Next to the tubs there is always a barrack to protect "la boixa", which is the hole through which the wine came out.

The first stop is at the Tines del Bleda. It takes about fifteen minutes to arrive. Perhaps they are the least spectacular; but, being the first, they already get all the attention! In just over seven minutes you reach the Tines del Tosques... these are another story! It consists of four tubs. They are like silent and elegant giants who take care of the Natural Park. These impressed me. Twenty minutes is what it takes to get to the Tines del Escudelleta. Physically they are not as spectacular as the previous ones; but here is a magical moment. At last I came out of doubts with the curiosity I had in mind during the whole walk: why did Ricard carry such a large backpack to do a route that he does with his eyes closed?

Sin decirnos nada, abre la mochila y saca un mantel catalán. Lo pone sobre el muro de piedra y lo empieza a llenar: un frasco de vidrio con olivas arbequinas, una cestita pequeñita con higos apenas recogidos, queso delicioso y dos botellas de vino de la zona (blanco y negro servidos en copas de vidrio!). No os podéis imaginar cómo disfruté ese momento. Momento de reflexión en el que sólo puedo decir que somos unos privilegiados.

Without saying anything, he opens his backpack and takes out a Catalan tablecloth. He puts it on the stone and begins to fill it: a glass jar with Arbequina olives, a small basket with just picked figs, delicious cheese and two bottles of local wine (black and white served in glass cups!) . You can't imagine how I enjoyed that moment. Reflection moment in which I can only say that we are privileged.

I continued the walk, now with more panoramic views, with a smile from ear to ear.

Thanks "Bages Terra de Vins" for doing things right.

If you want to discover the Natural Parc, I recommend: Passejades i excursions pel Parc Natural. Sant Llorenç del Munt



Being a guided route, with the explanations of the guide and the questions of the visitors, the tour lasts almost three hours.


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