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Getaway Besalú Pilgrims Route

Getaway Besalú Pilgrims Route


In Besalú you have to take the N-260 towards Figueres.
Just a few meters, take the turnoff to the left towards Beuda (GIV-5234).
Here begins the route: Sant Pere de Lligordà, Sant Sepulcre de Palera and Sant Feliu de Beuda.

Girona (Spain)

I love Besalú. It seems to me a fascinating town. I always find an excuse to let myself enjoy the magnificent cuisine of "Pont Vell". The only problem that fascinates me so much is that I do not venture to discover its surroundings. I feel comfortable in Besalú and I live more intensely as I grow older and older.

One day browsing the Internet I discovered a pilgrimage route that caught my curiosity. It starts in Besalú and the route's distance seemed short. This is why I once again had an excuse to visit the "Pont Vell" rigorously; but this time the trip would be different.

Initially, pilgrimage was a trip to a sacred place for religion in order to obtain the favors of divinity or penance. I think (and this is a personal opinion) that this concept has disappeared to give way to an exercise of knowledge and internal work of people. Whatever the case, the route has a high historical-cultural interest that is worth living.

The first stop is in Sant Pere de Lligordà. It is a 12th century church. Constructed in a rectangular nave and ending in a semicircular apse. It is small, in Romanesque style and with a charm that falls in love. As in many other churches around the country, I found it closed at the weekend and I did not have the opportunity to visit it on the inside. From there I publicly state that I will never understand that the churches remain closed. On the west side there is a bell tower. It is accessed by an outside stair accessible to all. From the top there are fantastic views that are worth seeing.

Continue along the road until you find the Palera poster. From there you will reach the Sant Sepulcre de Palera. It was established as a great pilgrimage center. They could get indulgences like those that were obtained to visit the Holy Land because it was directly related to the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem. It is one of the most remarkable buildings of the Romanesque art of the Count of Besalú.

The Holy Sepulcher is next to the Cloister of Palera and the Church of Santa María de Palera. The church dates from 1834 and I could not see it inside. The environment is nice. The cloister has been converted into a very curious restaurant and I want to go there a day. The peace that breathes there is priceless.

Go back to the road and head towards Beuda. The village is just a square. I did not find any person in the street. The square of the church of Sant Feliu de Beuda is really amazing. It was closed, but I know that I will come back to see it because the photos I have seen inside impressed me a lot.

A good option is to rent a vehicle to take the tour. It is ony only a few kilometers in good condition road and everything is nearby. The visit is of great interest.

Do not hesitate to send me a mail if you need help to organize your trip!


It can be done on foot or by car.
The duration of the getaway depends on the choice to be made. I did it by car. One morning is enough.


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