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Getaway Coves de Salnitre

The Montserrat mountain hides, inside, an almost unknown underground world. Considering that I am not an expert on the subject and that my knowledge is almost null, I had always seen Montserrat as a compact mountain and I did not imagine how deceived I was! Thanks to this excursion, I have learned that a set […]

Getaway Ercolano

In my opinion, Ercolano has been unfairly eclipsed by Pompei. I am aware that  these ruins are one of the most important in the world. However, Ercolano deserves to be more known across the globe than it currently is. Its size, its location, its hard history and some images that I will never erase from […]

Getaway Grand Canyon

I know that it is a well-known and frequented destination at the same time and that perhaps it moves a little away from the concept of “raconet”; but I feel the “obligation” to talk about it. It is a wonder of nature so impressive that it leaves you breathless. There are two shores: the south [&helli

Getaway Halong Bay

Awesome. It is one of the most beautiful landscapes I have ever seen. It is a common destination known all around the world and, to be honest, too many people travel there nowadays but I assure you that the visit is worth it. The Halong Bay is an entree of the Tonquín Gulf located 170 […]

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