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Collaboration in the book "Experiències de Viatge"

Information about the book and how you can get it.


The book gives voice to 44 travelers in a compilation of experiences narrated in Catalan.

"There are as many ways to travel as people".

This saying is verified when one immerses oneself in the different stories that make up this first compilation of travel experiences. Each place has its uniqueness and thousands of stories behind - those of those who have lived or have passed through -, and each traveler is interested in, is struck by or is detached from different aspects of the reality they are going through.

The world is diverse and unreachable. We travel to meet, discover and get to know each other, to meet (or meet again), by necessity of experiences and to break with the everyday and routine.

This is the prologue of the book in which I will collaborate with a short story about Vietnam.

You can buy it on-linehttps://www.novacasaeditorial.com/producto/experiencies-de-viatge-2/

For more details o any other question, you can send a mail a toniarius@raconets.com

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