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Getaway around Knoxville

My “wish list” of destinations to visit is huge and Knoxville just isn’t there. Neither had it located on the map, nor was there anything in the area that caught my attention. But I had a personal event and I decided to spend three days there. I flew, with a small American company, from Newark […]

Getaway French Quarter – New Orleans

I imagine that New Orleans will have other charming places. I’m sure. But it is clear that the French Quarter is very special and unique. In fact, it is the main tourist destination in the city. It is also known by the name “Vieux Carré“. It was founded in 1718. It is the oldest neighborhood […]

Getaway Grand Canyon

I know that it is a well-known and frequented destination at the same time and that perhaps it moves a little away from the concept of “raconet”; but I feel the “obligation” to talk about it. It is a wonder of nature so impressive that it leaves you breathless. There are two shores: the south [&helli

Getaway Horseshoe Bend

No one had ever told me about Horseshoe. In fact, I discovered it by chance while looking at Google Maps while planning a visit to Antelope Canyon and this area of the United States. And luckily, because I wouldn’t have excuse me for leaving Arizona without seeing it! Antelope and Horseshoe are very close. It [&hellip