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Getaway Horseshoe Bend

Getaway Horseshoe Bend


You can leave your car in the public parking lot ($8 per person) and walk to the viewpoint above. Although the journey is only one kilometer, they recommend bringing a hat and water in summer, as the heat is very strong. You should also wear comfortable shoes. There is a lot of sand that makes the walk difficult. The guard at the entrance inform that it is heavy for people who suffer vertigo. There is a lot of height.

Horseshoe Bend
Arizona (United States)
Telf: (+1) 928 608 6200
Web: https://www.nps.gov/glca/planyourvisit/horseshoe-bend.htm

No one had ever told me about Horseshoe. In fact, I discovered it by chance while looking at Google Maps while planning a visit to Antelope Canyon and this area of the United States. And luckily, because I wouldn't have excuse me for leaving Arizona without seeing it! Antelope and Horseshoe are very close. It can be used to visit both things in the same getaway.

There are four options to visit it:

    • One of the most common is to see Horseshoe sailing through the Colorado River; that is, from below. There are many boats that leave from Lake Powell. I did not do it due to lack of time, but I think it is a good option. There are different marinas that offer boat rentals or excursions such as Antelope Point Lake Powell and Antelope Point Marina, among others. There is also the option to explore it by kayak.
    • The least economical and least affordable is to fly over Horseshoe in a small plane. This option must be a dream to do; but if the budget is limited, I recommend that you prioritize flying over the Grand CanyonPapillon is the company I hired for the Grand Canyon and I know they also fly over Horseshoe.
    • There is a well-marked hiking trail to do on your own and there is also a trail with a Navajo Indian. I have not found information on the latter, but it has to be very authentic.
    • The most typical, because it is the fastest and cheapest, is to access the car park by car and enjoy the views from the natural viewpoint from above.

Whenever I travel, I'm just on time. I try to visit as many things as possible and time is running out for me. In this case, I decided to choose the last of the four options; but I think that the best is to go with enough time to experience the four options.

The views from the top are amazing. There are many debates about the best time to visit Horseshoe. There are people who say at midday and there are people who say when the sun goes down. I guess any time has its charm. I saw it in the afternoon, just before the sun went down and the light was awesome.

I walked around the entire perimeter that is placed 400 meter high. The scenery changes depending on where you are: it is a winding meander that draws the Colorado River between canyons. Then I sat down where I liked the most and spent a few minutes just watching. Nothing more.

It is a wonder of nature that, as its name suggests, is shaped like a horseshoe. It is a must if you are in Arizona!

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It can be as long as you want.


No problem, but bring hat and water.
They have to be controlled due to the risk of height.


No problem.

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