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Getaway Lake Powell

Getaway Lake Powell


Coming from Grand Canyon or from the south, take the Route 89, which goes from Flagstaff and go towards the north. Once passed the entrance to the Horseshoe Bend and the intersection of Antelope Canyon, Page town is near and therefore, the lake’s entrance.

Lake Powell
Arizona/Utah (United States)

Those of you who know me have always heard me say that I never go back to a place that I have already visited.

Leaving aside the European cities (which I have been there several times like Naples, Lisbon or Porto); when I talk about far away and expensive destination, even though I loved them, I always say that I will not go back. There are too many beautiful places in the world and the to-do list is too long to allow me the luxury of repeating any of them.

Lake Powel is one of the getaways which I will do an exception.

Being on a road trip through the United States, I tried to plan everything beforehand taking into consideration the distances and the time I would have to spend in every Natural Park. It did not worked out. For an European, it is really hard to imagine the huge distances of the American Natural Parks. I visited the Horseshoe Bend and the Lower Antelope Canyon and because it was close, I decided to visit Lake Powell also. I thought it would be like a lake in Catalonia that I could visit most of it in less than two hours. How wrong I was!

This getaway has a curiosity which made me laugh. The lake is so big that even though the majority of the lake is located in Utah, the south entrance and the dam are located in Arizona.

The first location is the Glen Canyon Dam Overlook. As its name says, it is the Dam’s overlook. In fact, from here you have the best views. The Canyon and the river both amazed me. It is so high, a lovely colorful environment and it is so similar to the Horseshoe Bend... I just fell in love with the place. The Dam’s construction in the ‘60s generated some controversies among environmental advocated and archaeologists. However, architects went ahead and build the dam and the whole Lake. It is an artificial lake of about 658 Km2 and more than 3000 Km of banks that go down the river, making it the longest river in the US.

The next stop is called the Wahweap Swimming Spot. It is a beach located in one side of the lake with amazing views. It is easy to access by car and walking for a few minutes. It has its own parking lot. The main thing about this place is the views it has to the lake because the beach itself is not amazing. The landscape is so virgin and American style. There are also some rocks that are so similiar to Oljato - Monument Valley, but here there is a lake next to them. Water is very calm and you can breathe peace and calm air.

Continue on the road to the Stateline Marina Boat Docks. As it name says, it is a marina where boats park and go out around the lake. Around this marina, we also can have a good swim thanks to the natural rocks. The water is clean and clear and the rocks are very flat allowing easy access.

At the beginning of the post, I mentioned that I would do an exception when it comes to visiting this place again. This is one of the fewest places I will go back. And do you know why? Because the Reflection Canyon is still on my pending list. I do not know the exact distance to get there. In fact, I do not even know if you get there by car or by boat. However, what I do know is that I will go back.

I had a great surprise with Lake Powell!

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Do not hesitate to send me a mail if you need help to organize your trip!


I would recommend staying there for a couple of days.


No problem.

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