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Getaway Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is a destination I wanted to visit since I saw the movie “Under the Tuscan sun”. I fell in love with the images of Positano and I promised myself that one day I would go there. With almost a week (in spring) ahead, I had to meet three challenges: make peace with […]

Getaway Ercolano

In my opinion, Ercolano has been unfairly eclipsed by Pompei. I am aware that  these ruins are one of the most important in the world. However, Ercolano deserves to be more known across the globe than it currently is. Its size, its location, its hard history and some images that I will never erase from […]

Getaway Naples

I needed to reconcile with Naples. The first time I went we didn’t really fit together. I was not able to find the charm. I saw it dirty and I was even scared. But too many people around me spoke wonders about this city and that always made me believe that reconciliation would come sooner […]

Getaway Pompei

It is one of the most important tourist attractions in Italy. Everyone says that the Pompei ruins are unique and they probably are. Much of its value is due to the fact that it was not destroyed by the eruption of the volcano Vesuvius, but was buried under a layer of ash. This is just […]