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Getaway Surfside Beach

Getaway Surfside Beach


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It is accessed by road in good condition.

L.G. Smith Blvd
Oranjestad (Aruba)

I have always said that there are two Arubas.

One is the well-known one, the one that has given him worldwide fame. Thousands of people with bracelets stay in giant hotels. His restlessness is drinking and gambling. It is common to see groups of young people with beers in their hands going in and out of the casinos (the island's top tourist attraction) or sunburned in the hotel pools. They don't come out of there.

The other is the unknown, the one that very few people know about. I went to discover the latter and I loved it!

Less than 15 minutes (walking) from the bustling Oranjestad is the wonderful beach of Surfside Beach. There are 350 meters of white and super clean sand. The water is turquoise blue and always calm. Given its shallowness, it is ideal to go with children. A couple of very cute restaurants provide the right services that anyone may need during a day at the beach. In fact, they themselves offer umbrella and sun lounger rental, which I recommend hiring, without a doubt.

The "Pinchos Bar and Grill" is a restaurant made of wood reclaimed from the sea. It is literally floating. Its location makes the beach divide in two. The part closest to the hotels is full of Divi Divi, which are typical Aruba trees that are bent by the wind. They are scattered along the beach until they almost touch the water. They draw a fantastic landscape. The other part, the one that is further away, does not have trees, but it has some wooden walkways with boats that give it a wonderful charm.

Apart from its beauty, what made me fall in love is that there was no one! It's a luxury to be able to enjoy a beach like this without having to listen to conversations that don't interest you or without having to argue over a meter of sand... I had the whole beach to myself.

On the same beach and closer to the wooden walkways, is the "Barefoot" restaurant that has tables in the sand and that fascinated me. The place is wonderful and the food delicious. There is a very authentic atmosphere. On the other side of the road, the "Talk of the Town" hotel breaks with the stereotypes of the island. It is very correct and the attention is fantastic. To the north of the island, a little further away, is the other hotel I stayed at. The "Boardwalk" is another concept. More rustic than the previous one and with fewer services but much more authentic.

This beach is a small exclusive paradise of the Caribbean.

If you need and/or want help organizing your getaway, don't hesitate to send me an mail!

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