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The other Ibiza

The other Ibiza


Ibiza can be reached by direct flight from the main cities in Spain.

Ibiza (Spain)

When we think of Ibiza, clubbing, crazy partying and crowded beaches often come to mind. This is so because the reality is this; but there is also another Ibiza. The great unknown. The one that few seek and fewer find. There are still nooks where you can enjoy the most authentic island.

There are many BEACHES; but four stole my heart. They have own soul and they are different.

  • Es Pou des Lleó - It is a small beach, closed and very quiet. The row of boat houses near the water gives it a special charm. There are a couple of restaurants around the beach and routes to do on foot from the cove itself.
  • Cala Mastella - It is very close to Es Pou des Lleó. It is very small and is located at the end of a stream. The pines reach the beach itself. No one can leave here without trying the Bullit of Bigotes!
  • Cala Molí - I emphasize the spectacular nature of the water, but there are stones. Great place to enjoy the sunset. It has privileged views of the silhouette of s'Espartar.
  • S'Estanyol - Very small and virgin beach. Once again, the boat houses appear with their charm! There is a fun restaurant.

DALT LA VILA has to be visited. It has been declared a "Cultural Heritage of Humanity". It is the most picturesque neighborhood in Ibiza. White cobbled streets surrounded by the old walls with fantastic views of the port.

  • R&C Hotel Mirador de Dalt Vila - Located in a mansion from the beginning of the century and is just a few minutes from the Cathedral.
  • Mikasa Boutique Hotel - It's on the other side of the harbor; but as the distances are small, I do not want to forget naming it. Handsome.
  • Restaurant Can Bof - Quiet place with good product and better treatment.

No one can leave the island without going to SANTA GERTRUDIS DE FRUITERA. I love it.

  • The square with the church - It doesn't feel like you're in Ibiza.
  • Bar Costa - Very busy place. Good sandwiches and tapas. Place with a lot of atmosphere.
  • nº74 L'Atelier Ibiza - Multipurpose place and different from everything. It is a shop, a restaurant and they even do workshops. You have to visit.
  • Es Jardins de Fruitera - Very special place where they offer island cuisine
  • Store SLuiz - Store with different things. Really curious.
  • Agroturismo Can Lluch Hotel & Villas - Hotel in the middle of nature and away from the crowds.

Another area I will come back is SANTA EULÀLIA DES RIU:

  • Terra Masía - Ecological farm. As they define themselves: Farm-to-table dining. Amazing!
  • Can Domo Hotel - Rural hotel located in a 17th century farmhouse.
  • Bar Anita - It's a bit further north, but well worth it. There is a good quality price relation.

Siempre digo que las islas Baleares se tienen que ver desde tierra y desde el mar. Recomiendo coger una BARCA para ir a ES VEDRÀ. Yo tuve la experiencia con un pescador que ya está jubilado. Últimamente, me han hablado de que en Excursiones-Ibiza.com ofrecen esta salida.

I always say that the Balearic Islands have to be seen from land and from the sea. I recommend taking a BOAT to go to ES VEDRÀ. I had the experience with a fisherman who is already retired. Lately, I have been told that Excursiones-Ibiza.com offers this getaway.

Enjoy the authentic Ibiza!

If you need and/or want help organizing your getaway, don't hesitate to send me an mail!


In Ibiza you can stay as long as you want.


No problem.

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