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Getaway Burgos

I had a personal commitment in Lerma one Sunday; That’s why I decided to leave Barcelona, by car, the day before and take the opportunity to see Burgos on the Saturday’s afternoon. I didn’t have much time, but since they had told me so well about this city, I wanted to visit it. I arrived around [&hel

Getaway Camí de Sa Vigia

Torret is one of my favorite places in Menorca. In the area, I really appreciate the absence of tourists and its architectural style. It is located at the south of Sant Lluís and Maó, and should not be confused with Cala Torret, which is a much more frequented place. Torret is a group of white […]

Getaway Camprodon

I had gone as a child. A long time ago. I had good memories of both the bridge and the cookies (hahaha) and I really wanted to go back. I liked it so much that I have gone two weekends! It is a dynamic town, open to mountain sports and with a wide range of […]

Getaway Casa Batlló

It seems strange to me to name Casa Batlló as a Getaway. It is so close from home; but it is true that the visit itself is a real journey. In fact, as they themselves say, it is a unique immersive experience. And it is for many things. It is located in the middle of […]