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Hotel “Themonies”

Hotel “Themonies”

Folegandros Hora, 84011 Folegandros
Cycled Islands (Greece)
Telf: + 30 22860 41517
E-mail: info@themonies.gr
Web: https://www.themonies.gr/

Impossible not to start talking about Mirka and Aggelos... are those people doing nice every second of your stay. They are always aware of everything. For me, met them marked a turning point in my particular relationship with Folegandros. Clearly, there is a before and after. His advice allowed me to know the essence of the island, helped me be part of it (even for a few days) and made adoring Folegandros ‘till the point of wanting to come back!

You never know how amazing was for me to share that night in Chora with them. We started dining in a garden hidden to tourists. We ate traditional Greek cuisine and philosophize about deep issues while sounding the "Solo" by Stelios Zafeiriou. It was a very special time with Mirka. And... end the evening in the main square of Chora taking Ouzo standing with Aggelos & friends... priceless!

One of the first things they tell me is that, in Folegandros, "Themonies" is an ancient Greek word meaning "collect" and this is how the farms were called once.

Construction, although it is fully renovated, respect the architectural tradition of the island. They have honored as much as possible the environment around them, getting it fully integrated. It is a complex of Stone, nineteenth century, with several spaces to enjoy different times. Many of them are facing the church of Panagia and the Chora. Believe me. You must admire, in the chill-out zone, how the sun goes down the mountain while the sound of silence clothes you.

There are two distinct parts: the old and the new. I was fortunate to stay in the old part (and I say "lucky" because I love everything that has history, not because of quality differences). There are 5 different residences, each with its own character and design, but all with the maximum possible comfort to satisfy the most discerning travelers. Five are in the main villa where there is the fantastic reception, like a home, the terrace with wonderful views, the chill-out lounges and interior. The three new buildings are a little more remote.

My room, the "Triferi", is a suite of 39 m2 where the bed is a futon in the raised floor over the rest of the room. There is a sitting room and a small kitchen with private terrace overlooking the Panagia church and the Chora. It is easily accessible and is very close to the terrace where breakfast is served.

The breakfasts deserve special mention. I have to say that I could not get the recipe for the omelette made wonderfully by Mirka’s hands. I will not forgive ... ;-) All. Absolutely everything was great: juice, waffles, yogurt, fruits, cake and homemade jam (following the recipe of Mirka’s grandmother). I ask this: do not be in a hurry to enjoy every moment, every little thing.

"Themonies" has its own great soul.


If you have your own vehicle (which I recommend), in the hotel they have spaces that use parking. Otherwise, only a 10 minute walk separates the hotel from Chora.


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