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Restaurant “Axol”

Restaurant “Axol”


It is accessed by car until the restaurant.

It has its own car park.

Carrer de l'Arboc, 6 Cabrils
Barcelona (Spain)
Telf: (+34) 937 538 645
E-mail: info@restaurantaxol.com
Web: https://restaurantaxol.com

Axol is one of those places that does not leave indifferent.

It is located in a house in a residential neighborhood in Cabrils. It is not placed in a busy street; it means that if you do not go on purpose, you will never pass in front.

I loved outside. It is a construction of straight lines, rather modern and with contrasts of whites and blacks. The garden is well taken cared for. It is filled with plants to its fair extent.

Inside there are two different areas separated for a very simple interior terrace. Simple, but with carism.

The Axol's souls are two brothers who have lived the world of restoration since childhood. His parents have been in the sector for more than 20 years and are currently in charge of the "Xaret" restaurant in Cabrils. Albert and Xènia spoke to me very gratefully of their parents, recognizing that without his sacrifice it would not have been possible to carry out this project. I loved how they talked about them and I also loved how they respect each other. Everyone has their role and, although they collaborate together, they know how to respect the terrain of the other.

Albert is the chef. He has a huge experience and he is so young. He trained at the "Escola Universitària de Hosteleria i Turisme de Sant Pol de Mar (EUHT)" and extended his knowledge to the "Racó de Can Freixa", in "Bulli", "Arzak" and "Celler de Can Roca". From my point of view, his experience is impeccable. In addition, I find it fascinating that he wanted to end up realizing all this experience in his own restaurant. Axol is a dream come true. I can not do anything but surrender to him. He had made it perfect.

Xenia is in charge of the management and the head of the room. Graduated in hotels management at "Escola Universitària de Turisme i Direcció Hotelera (EUTDH)" and graduated also in Tourism. It also has the Sommelier certificate. She is young but has character. Manage the room and customers in a perfect way.

Type: author kitchen, creative and sophisticated. They play a lot with the contrasts of products and tastes. The presentation is perfect. There are different tasting menus and also a conventional menu.

  • Chips - I really did not expected to start with chips and they were really good! Very crispy With this dish I could already see that they offer a good product and they know how to treat it... the fried were perfect.
  • Triple appetizer that is a visual spectacle:
    • "Fried egg cupcake" - Crisp and salted. Mix of textures that I loved.
    • Potato cookie, prawn and tomato - Crispy, fine and elegant. The flavor of the prawn is light. It gives you the necessary point of taste without being heavy.
    • Mussels and olive cornet - Great. They play with the contrast salt-sweet.
    • Passion fruit and mint - Small balls that explode in the mouth. I loved the texture. It has character.
  • Double entry:
    • Idiazabal cheese waffle with red apple compote and tomato and basil jam - Without a doubt, this is one of the best dishes. Contrast of tastes that captivated me.
    • Ningyo-yaki of chicken with prunes - A way to reinvent a classic dish of Catalan cuisine and merge it with Japanese cuisine.
  • Mango cake and passion fruit with black vermouth, kéfir lime and basil - Esthetically it is very fine and, in the mouth, it has a lot of strength.
  • Tomato mousse with mussels, basil vinegar pearls, alloy dots, cauliflower cream, flavored with Cabrils pines - Nobody should leave Axol without trying this dish. It is a art in every way.
  • Oyster with pea stew, coconut and codium seaweed pil-pil - I've never tried an oyster mixed with peas. This is the risky character of Albert that I like. I would repeat this dish!
  • Prawn, calçot and mango - Three products that I would never have mixed together and, at the end, they drew another one of the best dishes. They are accompanied by romesco allioli, coconut and coconut cookies and romesco chicote ice cream. All bathed with a prawn broth, calçot and mango. Really good.
  • Cod with stew of chickpeas and hazelnuts, quail egg and tortilla tartufo - Although all the products are very good, I think that the egg makes the difference. I love it.
  • Bee Ossobucous - Almond nougat fillet with bone marrow sauce and accompanied with cassava ink with squid ink. Really good.
  • Cold tangerine with coconut cake and varied citrics. Vanilla cream with kefir lime and cardamom and carrot cream - The presentation is so perfect that it makes me sad to eat it.
  • Santa Teresa toast with raspberry and chamomille and orange ice cream - Really good.
  • Cornet to guess - I will not say what it was... ;-) Once again, the presentation was perfect.
  • Alaju ice cream - This dessert is a tribute to its ancestors in Cuenca.

Great discovery and authentic raconet. It deserves more than one visit.

Price: High. From 40€

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