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Restaurant “Duc de l’Obac”

Restaurant “Duc de l’Obac”

Carrer Amer, s/n Bonmatí
Girona (Spain)
Telf: (+34) 972 420 977
E-mail: info@restaurantducdelobac.cat
Web: https://restaurantducdelobac.cat/

I knew this restaurant thanks to social networks. A simple photo woke up my curiosity and from this moment, you can already imagine what were the next steps: look for photos of the dishes on the internet and read reviews. Everyone spoke well and the dishes promised.

It is in the center of Bonmatí, a small town (which I had not even heard of) that is located just 20 minutes from Girona and very near of the Guilleries. The best of the town is, without a doubt, the restaurant. That's why I think that who is going to eat at "Duc de l'Obac" goes there on purpose and not by the way.

The house is a tipical catalan house. Is centenary and it has been restored.

Outside it is very beautiful. The protagonists are (for me) the perfect in decoration: stone, glass and wood. Although there are tables in the garden, meals are not served here. The olive tree was clearly my weakness in that garden of perfect size.

Inside there are two cozy rooms. Both have the same environment; but if I have to recommend you one, I would recommend the one that is placed at the right side. The windows are larger and allow you to enjoy the views of the garden.

The chef, Josep Sabrià, designs the menu giving prominence to the seasonal product. It offers elaborate cuisine thanks to its wide knowledge of Catalan cuisine and to the fact that it has lived the world of hotel trade within its own home. He started cooking very young and with his mother. He is clearly self-taught, although he has done courses to jump into the professional world.

Joanna is happy watching the customers happy. He moves up and down through the rooms to ensure that nobody is missing anything.

Type: traditional Catalan cuisine with a point of innovation. Apart from the menu, they have different menus: daily, Saturdays, groups, etc. They participate in many gastronomic events. I coincided with the gastronomic week of Girona.

  • Appetizer of the house:
    • Goat cheese with apple and quince, accompanied by lettuce with anchovies - It is a very creative dish, both aesthetically and tasty. It is served in a glass jar (yoghurt type) that makes it fun. The quince makes soft the cheese and the apple just gives it the perfect refreshing point for the dish.
  • Foie coulant with boletus cream - One of the star dishes. Simply delicious. Fine and elegant. The explosion of foie makes you do not want to share the dish with anyone.
  • Dry rice with soft allioli - The second star dish. Very tasty with the perfect quantity of allioli.
  • Croaker with spring vegetables and cheese foam - Very complete dish. It has many details. There are different products in different formats and textures; but the main role is taken by the foam. I found it very original because it gives a soft force to the plate.
  • Duck pot with strawberries and vermouth - Strong dish. I felt sorry to be full because I did not enjoy it as he deserved. Plate very elaborate.
  • Crunchy citrus cannelloni - Different citrus textures presented on a single plate where each has its leading role.

Cooking and honest people in a lovely nook.

Price: Medium. From 25€ to 40€

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