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Restaurant “Plat Únic”

Restaurant “Plat Únic”

Carrer Trafalgar, 30 Barcelona
Barcelona (Spain)
Telf: (+34) 933 939 208
E-mail: info@platunic.com
Web: https://platunic.com/es/

As they themselves describe: "It's an unusual restaurant. A meal house with a different and actual formula".

I love watching that there are still people who are able to look for, in such a mature sector, the differential trait to offer an authentic thing. The concept is really great.

There is no menu, no daily menu, no tasting menu. They have a unique dish per season (with a price also unique of €32) with different trimmings and a dessert. Everything is matched with a table wine (the one of the house) that each one is used directly from some fountains located on the wall. They want to tribute the classical concept of the "dish of the place" with uninterrupted cuisine from Tuesday to Saturday from 1:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. I had the feeling of going back (conceptually) over time but in a place nowadays. This is a mix really fun.

The restaurant is very special. It is located on the ground floor of the hotel "Yurbban Trafalgar" in Barcelona. The ceilings are black and contrast with the white and round lamps that hang from the ceiling. The darkness is compensated with some green wall that gives character to the place. It has an informal character that relaxed me; but, at the same time, it is quite serious and it liked me.

The space is diaphanous. At the end, the windows are huge and shows the plants that are in the garden. All the natural light of the restaurant comes from this garden. One of the funniest things is that the water and wine springs from one of the walls of the entrance. 6 self-service points with 6 unique drinks: vermouth, white wine, pink wine, red wine, cold water and natural water.

Type: single meat dish.

  • Olives, "piparras" and bread - The presentation is amazing. Two homemade jars: one with large olives, tasty and strong and the other for the spicy "piparras". The bread is carried with a paper envelope. I am not too lover of spicy things; that's why I prefere eat the olives and bread that were really tasty.
  • The main dish, which is always meat, change every season - They gave me the veal cut. They serve it in thin cuts and in the perfect cooking point. I assure you that it is one of the best meats I have ever eaten. Tasty, tender and with the perfect point of fat. Three sauces: roasted juice, green "mojo" (based on coriander) and "mojo picón". I did not put any of them. It seemed to me a sin to "make up" this meat.
  • Garnings:
    • Beetroot in raffort sauce - I did not taste it. I do not like so much beets and less if they are accompanied by a green sauce made from spicy reves.
    • Raw spinach with ginger - Refreshing plate. I think it was a good support for meat.
    • Potato Parmentier - It has to be mentioned apart. Delicious. The perfect garnish for the perfect meat.
  • Strawberries with cream - The cream had a special texture. Really good.

Huge applause for creativity and focus on a single, but good product.

Close the visit by drinking a cocktail on the terrace. It has fantastic views.

Price: Medium. From 25€ to 40€

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