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Fly with Windoor Realfly

Fly with Windoor Realfly


It is located in the Splau Shopping Center in Cornellà.

Av. Baix Llobregat 100 Cornellà de Llobregat
Barcelona (Spain)
Telf: (+34) 930 022 700
Web: https://www.windoor-realfly.com/

I had read that there is a wind tunnel in Empuriabrava, I had seen some photos and any video; and the truth is that I was aroused a certain curiosity, but I had not delved into the subject. When I was invited to the inauguration of the Barcelona one, I didn't really know what it was about.

Windoor opened the first wind tunnel in the Catalan capital in December 2019. It is 14 meters high and 4.30 meters diameter. It stands out for its innovative installation that allows you to fly in a totally safe environment. Energy efficiency, air quality, acoustic insulation and cooling capacity are some of the most outstanding technical qualities of the Barcelona wind tunnel, which is equipped with pioneering German technology.

I had a certain respect for living the experience in first person; but the fact that they have been in Empuriabrava for 7 years and working hard, gave me some confidence.

It has more than 1,900 m2 of facilities (very modern) with different rooms equipped to hold different events, a restaurant area, different chill-out environments with live music and changing rooms. I really like how they themselves say that it is a social club designed for the public to enjoy different activities, apart from the flight that is the main one. They want to be more than a wind tunnel and they are.

Who has never dreamed flying? Young and old ones. We all have dreamed it. They make our dream come true. The coolest thing of all is the versatility of the sport. It can be practiced by anyone who is over 4 years old. And you can practice as a novice hobbyist or as a professional athlete. The difference between both profiles is abysmal. The first ones do what they can to support themselves and the others do tricks that leave you open-mouthed.

It has a very advanced technology in free fall simulators; that is why many athletes use it to train in an optimal environment and without turbulence. Flight speed varies depending on the experience of the flyer. It can go from the 150 km/h necessary for a child to fly and the 290 km/h by an expert flyer.

I loved the atmosphere. They captivated me with their values of commitment, responsibility, perseverance, quality, transparency, innovation and team spirit. This is exactly why I recommend it as a business activity for Team Building.

Every year they organize The Wind Games, which is the most important competition in the world. One day I will go to see it.

The visit follows a procedure. After registration, they take you to the briefing room where one of the instructors gives the theory class about main things to fly. Once the theory class ends, you have to go to the locker room where you have to put on your flight suit and where there are lockers to leave your bag and mobile. And from here to the tunnel!

The flight is amazing. I had the feeling of being out of control all time. I don't move where I wanted. I tapped my belly twice on the floor and tapped the glass wall several times, but it's a lot of fun. The monitor is near to control all movements. It lets you do but it's close just in case. My monitor, Carlos, had a lot of patience with me. At the end he proposed a twister (spiraling to the top) and the emotion was hugh.

When the flight is over, there is the possibility to buy the photos and videos. I guess I don't need to tell you that I totally recommend it, right?

There are different flight options: Wind2 (1 person / 2 flights), Wind4U (1 person / 2 double duration flights) and Wind10 (1 person / 5 double duration flights). Check its website for prices.

It is a fun activity to do with family, friends or people from work!

If you want to contract this activity, just send me a mail!

Evidence of the difference between the monitors and me... ;-(



It depends on the contracted flight.


No problem if they are older than 4 years old.

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