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Restaurant “Del Llac”

Restaurant “Del Llac”


The restaurant is on the same road that connects Balaguer with Tremp.

It has its own parking.

Ctra. Balaguer - Tremp C-13, km 75 Cellers
Lleida (Spain)
Telf: (+34) 973 651 120
E-mail: info@hotelterradets.com
Web: https://www.hotelterradets.com/restaurant/llac

If you have the opportunity to go to the Congost de Mont-rebei, which is one of the most wonderful destinations in Catalonia, I recommend you to stay at the "Hotel Terradets" in Cellers. Its location is perfect: it is close to the Congost and the rooms have an amazing views.

The restaurant "Del Llac" is placed in one of the hotel buildings. There you can enjoy the flavors of Pallars with great views of Lake Terradets.

The space is an irregular diaphanous room. It is like a kind of triangle; on one side, there is a wall of stone and on the other, glass. I like the environment they have created. It is a right place, where there is no luxury but everything is clean and tidy. The thick wooden tables have a certain prominence.

Type: market cuisine with roots in the Pallars tradition. Updated gastronomy with state-of-the-art techniques directed by chef Gabriel Serra. They have a menu; but I had the opportunity to try the tasting menu.

  • Appetizer:
    • Pumpkin and toasted hazelnut cream - Delicious. They serve it in a glass tube that is too short! It is not heavy. Elegant dish and very good choice to start dinner. The pumpkin has more prominence than the hazelnut and I loved that. One of the star dishes.
    • Girella with foie sauce and tomato confit - Girella is a typical sausage from the area. When they brought it to me, it didn't fit me the sausage with foie sauce. But when I tried it, my perception changed. The mixture of flavors and the tomato give makes it original.
  • Pallars cheese salad with honey vinaigrette from the Barcedana Valley - Four cheeses from the region with a salad in the middle. It is a simple dish where the product is enhanced. I applaud that they make know the area from the gastronomy. Very good cheeses!
  • Cod fillet in trinxat bed and romesco sauce - Another of the star dishes. They have mixed three products that I love on a plate. The cod was cooked at the right point, the trinxat was really good and the romesco sauce ties everything perfectly. Lovely!
  • Veal coca with nuts sauce - Main course. The sauce is heavy. The veal melts and is very tasty. The pity is that I got too full and I could not enjoy this dish as it deserved.
  • Mango mousse with pear toffee from Lleida - Great!

Ask for a table at the window and go to dinner soon. The views of the lake are amazing.

Price: High. From 40€

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