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Hotel “Llevant”

Hotel “Llevant”


Although the hotel is on the same seafront in Llafranc, access is via the back street. It does not have parking.

Carrer Francesc de Blanes, 4 Llafranc
Girona (Spain)
Telf: (+34) 972 300 366
E-mail: info@hotel-llevant.com
Web: https://www.hotel-llevant.com/

Few hotels have surprised me as much as this one.

The history of the hotel dates back to 1935, when Maria Gratacós ("la Blanca") founded a restaurant with rooms in the bay of Llafranc. It was originally called "Fonda Levante" and did not change its name until democracy arrived. Since then, it has not stopped serving.

It is a reference in the Costa Brava. I had repeatedly gone to its terrace on the promenade, but always before the renovation and had never entered the hotel. You don't know how I regret not having done it before!

Since I stepped on it, I have not stopped recommending it. Do you know what fascinated me the most? The mixture of the modernity of the place with the family treatment they gave me at all times. Two things together that make the place unique.

The hall is really beautiful. I would have been watching it for hours. Modern and cold at the same time. The irregular roof is a bit strange and contrasts with the straightness of the walls. It has a uniform light gray hue that gives tranquility. It is a space with few furniture: four stools of different shapes and silver cylindrical structures, nothing more. Simplicity is what captivated me the most.

Of the rooms, nothing I will write will do justice to what I experienced. I was lucky to go to one of the above, which are renovated. I highlight three things: the interior layout, the views and the terrace.

The layout of the room is very surprising. Most of the space is left by the bed area, which is round! The room is so original that the bathroom is integrated. The only thing that is isolated is the toilet, which is inside a metal structure that camouflages it. The shower and the sink are visible from anywhere in the room. They are delimited by the same cylindrical structures of the reception.

The views are great. You can see the immensity of the sea, the harbour and the Llafranc beach. I hooked a rainy day, which also gave it charm; but do not doubt that I will return to enjoy the views with sunshine.

The terrace is so special. Its strong point is the jacuzzi. That square bathtub with hot water captivated me so much that I put on before going to sleep and first thing in the morning. I went in spring. It was still not hot and entering that hot jacuzzi, with the contrast of the cold outside and the rain that I hooked, it was great!

The room is really beautiful, both in design and views.

Breakfast is given beside restaurant "La Blanca". It is a la carte; it is not a buffet. Apart from coffee and rigorous orange juice, there is bread and pastries with butter, fruit salad, yogurt with cereals, cold meats and cheese, green toast, English breakfast (crashed eggs, chistorra and ratatouille), Benedict eggs, scrambled eggs with salmon and Pancakes. I chose the green toast (with avocado), the yogurt with cereals and the pancakes. All delicious and impeccably presented.

The hotel "Llevant" is very special and makes everyone spend a special night. Great!


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