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Getaway Arròs Molí de Pals

Getaway Arròs Molí de Pals


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The best is to do the visit with the “Xiulet de Pals” that starts and ends at the bus parking at the entrance of Pals.

Carretera de Pals a Torroella, km 343,937 Pals
Girona (Spain)
Telf: (+34) 972 636 706
E-mail: info@arrosmolidepals.com
Web: https://www.arrosmolidepals.com/

I knew the rice of Pals. I had eaten it in different restaurants of Girona and Catalunya and I always loved it, but what I did not know was the story behind it. From now on, when I eat it again, I will like it even more!

The passion and effort of the farmers are responsible for the reputation of Pals rice. They have all the credit; but there is a family that deserves a special mention: the Parals family. In 1984 they bought the Pals rice mill dating from 1452. The following year they already sold their rice and that of other farmers in the area. Task that they are still doing now under the brand name "Arròs Molí de Pals".

I did the tour of the rice fields with Josep Clausell. In the breaks, I take the opportunity to take photos of the flooded fields while he tells me, with passion, how they supervise the rice field daily to take care of the growth in order to achieve the highest quality. It places a lot of emphasis on the fact that they carry out a very respectful production with the environment, obtaining, at the same time, a natural product without any type of preservative.

The visit to the Mill is another story. First, he shows me the small museum that they have in one part of the building. There I was able to observe all the old machinery... amazing! In the modern area is where the machines they use today are and you can see the current process.

I recommend doing the guided tour: tour of the rice fields with the "Xiulet de Pals" train and visit to the "Molí de Pals". It is the best way to see the whole process: cultivation, sowing, harvesting and subsequent treatment. The duration is approximately 1:30h. It starts and ends in Pals. You can leave your car in town and visit with the little train.

The weather of the Empordà is largely responsible for the quality of the rice. It is the one that makes the grain maturation longer, making it take longer to go through once cooked.

It is a visit that I recommend to everyone and, above all, to do it with children. It is important to know the origin of things to appreciate their value.

If you need and/or want help in organizing the visit, do not hesitate to send me a mail!

Nearby is the "Hotel Empordà Golf". It is surrounded by two of the best golf courses in Girona. It is an amazing place to disconnect for a few days. Located a few minutes from some of the best beaches on the Costa Brava and medieval towns worth visiting. One of the most differentiating activities they offer is a plane flight over the Costa Brava. It is a good plan to stay in this hotel to enjoy its gastronomy and take advantage of the stay to visit the "Molí de Pals".


The visit lasts about an hour and a half.


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