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Restaurant “La Blanca”

Restaurant “La Blanca”


The restaurant is on the ground floor of the hotel “Llevant” on the seafront of Llafranc.

Francesc de Blanes, 4 Llafranc
Girona (Spain)
Telf: (+34) 972 300 366
E-mail: info@hotel-llevant.com
Web: https://www.hotel-llevant.com/

I will always say that the "Llevant" hotel left me out of play. It is not easy to risk to offer an extremely modern space in the middle of the promenade of Llafranc. The one that most fell in love with me is the contrast between its modernity (more typical of the coldness of a big city) and the kindness of the staff (so close that they managed to transport me to that deal as if they knew me all the time life). Great!

On the ground floor of the hotel and overlooking the seafront, there are two restaurants: "El Llevant" and "La Blanca". The first one is more informal, it is where the breakfasts of the hotel are served and where you can enjoy a meal at any time; The second is an exclusive space where the protagonist is the product. I'll talk to you about this one.

"La Blanca" is small and very beautiful at the same time. There are two well differentiated areas. The outer part, which is next to the seafront, is surrounded by windows that allow you to enjoy unbeatable views of Llafranc Beach. The inner part is more collected. Both have the same aesthetic and style... which gives a continuity that I like a lot. Irregular ceiling, transparent chairs and the colors of the tablecloths aligned with the walls and the floor. Everything very thought and everything really nice.

Type: author kitchen. The incorporation of Basque chef Eneko Agote has been a huge success. Show the influence of Mediterranean and South American cuisine on each plate; but always giving prominence to the seasonal product.

  • Anxoves tribute to Francesc de Blanes - When Blanca opened the restaurant in 1935, the promenade was called "Francesc de Blanes" in honor of one of the first inhabitants of the place. He came from Blanes and set a saline with an appetizer of anchovies. In the present "La Blanca" they wanted to tribute him and with this dish the festival begins.
  • Smoked and caramelized eel of Ter with red apple and homemade anchovy compote - It is, undoubtedly, one of the star dishes. I am not a fan of eels; but as they have worked and mixed with compote and annealing, I enjoyed it.
  • White asparagus made from coal grilled with Dutch sauce and truffle oil - Another star dish. The taste of coal with truffle oil fascinated to me.
  • Artichokes of Palau Sator confited with "mollejas" of beef and reduction of the same beef - Plate very tasty and strong at the same time.
  • Tears peas with cod salad and black sausage - I did not cry for education. Great dish. Peas explode in the mouth. It is mixed to achieve a lean texture. The mixture of cod with black sausage is a total success. I would go back to repeat it!
  • Chicken chilli pepper cannelloni - Plate from Perú. The cannelloni is only from chicken with fresh cheese sauce, cream and chili pepper. Delicious. Fine and elegant plate.
  • Red tuna Balfego - Ventresca with Girona apple. The apple is offered in three textures: compote, fresh apple and grilled apple. Art on the plate and really gppd at the same time. Without doubt, another one of the star dishes. The three apple textures complement the tuna brilliantly without taking protagonism.
  • Cocoas from Cantábrico pil-pil - Strong plate. Garlic is strong, but it is very tasty.
  • Low temperature pork with plums - Plate so elaborated. The pork undoes in the mouth; No need to knife or cut it. The presentation of different types of plums seemed to me very original, at the time it gives a refreshing point.
  • Angus meat stock with fennel - Another star dish. The meat is treated impeccably and the foam of fennel gives it a brutal freshness.
  • Blanca's Mojito - Peppermint, lime foam and dice rom. I have to admit that I was really full for the dessert. At first, I did not see myself able to try it; but I payed attention to them and it was great! Very digestive.
  • Carrot cake - You have seen many carrot cakes, but none like this. I assure you. Creativity taken to the extreme.
  • Chocolate with bread with tomato and oil with crumble olive oil and tomato jam - A new version of the classic bread with tomato.

The visit is worth. The environment is lovely, the restaurant is very good, they are so cute and food... you just have to read again how many star dishes I have mentioned in the publication!

Price: High. From 40€

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