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Hotel “Terradets”

Hotel “Terradets”


It is placed on the same road that joins Camarasa with Tremp, C-13.

The road is in good condition and the hotel has its own car park.

Ctra. Balaguer - Tremp C-13, km 75 Cellers
Lleida (Spain)
Telf: (+34) 973 651 120
E-mail: info@hotelterradets.com
Web: https://www.hotelterradets.com/

I am in love with the Congost de Mont-rebei. I have seen it, by land, doing a hiking trail; but now I wanted to live and see it from the same river. I needed another perspective on the majesty of the place and so I organized a getaway.

When I was young, I often used to go to Lake Terradets to see water skiing competition (a sport I practice in Ventalló and in Canal Olímpic Catalunya) and I remember that there was a hotel next to the lake. When I found out that it was still open, I thought it was a good idea to go to sleep there. On one hand, I would have a bit of melancholy from the past (something that, occasionally, I love) and on the other I stayed close to what was my weekend goal.

The hotel is located at the same road. Three buildings of different styles and joined together are the hotel, the cafeteria and the restaurant. The truth is that, from the outside, it does not look so good. But believe me and go inside to request a room overlooking the lake. The rooms are very good. They are not too large, but they are perfectly restored and are very comfortable. They have warm tones that convey peace of mind and, most importantly, they are very clean.

What makes the hotel special is, without a doubt, the views of the lake. All the minutes I was not sleeping, I passed them sitting in the balcony chair watching the beauty of the views: the lake with the mountains in the background. Nature, silence, special light and lots of peace. This is what I felt. Light is changing the scene in a magical way. In the evening the same thing is not seen either in the morning or in the afternoon and, sincerely, I can not choose only one. I stay with the image of the three.

The room also has views of the pool. It is big. Around it there are tables, where they serve drinks, and hammocks, where I made a memorable nap. From my point of view, there is a big difference between the common areas of the hotel and the rooms. I prefer the last ones.

Whether you are with your children or with your partner or friends, do not hesitate to ask information about all the activities you can do around. There are a thousand options that are very provocative: kayak orientation course, kayak excursion to a cave and visit it, hiking, cycling routes, visit to the Astronomical Park of Montsec, the train of the lakes, etc. It's hard to choose one!

I did paragliding with the company "Entrenúvols". It was an experience that he had always wanted to do and had never been brave enough. I will always be grateful to Jordi Marquillas for helping to live one of the best experiences I have ever had!

In the same hotel, but two buildings further on, there is the restaurant "Del Llac" where they offer contemporary cuisine with roots in traditional cuisine. 

I emphasize the rooms with views and the hotel's location.

Although the hotel is large, it depends on the season it can be full. I recommend reserving a room beforehand.


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