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Accommodation “Can Lamat”

Accommodation “Can Lamat”


It is accessed by road in good condition.

It has an own parking.

Carretera C-13, Km. 90 Talarn
Lleida (Spain)
Telf: (+34) 622 915 800
E-mail: info@canlamat.com
Web: https://www.canlamat.com/

"Can Lamat" is a different place.

On Instagram I saw a photo of an infinity pool on a river. It caught my attention. I am used to seeing photos of luxurious hotels with infinity pools on the sea, but I have never seen it on a river. This differential fact has already captivated me; but when I found out that this is a one-apartment unit, I was shocked! This is an unmistakable sign of exclusivity and authentic nook.

Sometimes the photos on the networks are misleading. There are pools or beaches that seem paradisiacal because there is no one. Later when I go, they are full of people and it has nothing to do with the image that I had previously made. That is why it meant so much to me that "Can Lamat" only has one apartment. The conclusion is that the pool can be enjoyed exclusively and without sharing it with anyone. For me it is their star dish.

The house is hidden. You can hardly see it from the road. It is red in color. Upstairs lives the owner, Sheki, and downstairs is the apartment that has direct access to the garden. It has two rooms to be able to enjoy the outside. The first is simpler but more comfortable. It is a small table overlooking the garden. Personally, I prefer the table that is under the vine and from which there are wonderful views of the river. It is more integrated in nature.

Inside is very rustic. No luxuries, but with a beastly charm. The head of the bed is a wooden log and the bedside tables are two stools. Everything is well thought out, neat and very clean. The apartment has a kitchen and a small dining room. For dinner, a good plan is to go to Tremp.

Outside there are different spaces with different environments. Around the pool and in the garden there are hammocks to enjoy a little bit of calm with spectacular views. Going down some stairs, there is a place with a round table and two chairs to enjoy the afternoon. More hidden there is a small lagoon with a Buddha. It is the energy center of the house. Ask Sheik to explain it to you and to make you "the game" of stones!

Following his instructions, I went to a creek that is placed near. It is a rocky creek with trees that reach the water. Without people, it is a wonderful place where you can enjoy transparent water and a lot of tranquility. Taking the opportunity to bathe here is a luxury.

Just 45 minutes by car is the Congost de Mont-rebei. I have already stated on different occasions that it is one of my favorite destinations in Catalunya. It is worth approaching and experiencing it both by land and by the river (I will publish the post shortly). It is wonderful. If you have the opportunity, visit it in spring or summer. Outside of these times, it is cold.

Shortly, I will also publish the route I took by road starting at "Can Lamat" and ending at the "Hotel SPA Pessets" in Sort. I was looking forward to taking the guided tour of Les botigues de Salàs de Pallars. When I arrived, everything was already full! Senterada, La Pobleta de Bellveí, Montcortés, Bretui, Paramea, Gerri la Sal ... I wouldn't have stopped!

As you only have one apartment, it is advisable to book it in advance.

"Where instead of remembering the days, you remember the moments"


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