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Restaurant “La niña de mis ojos” – Closed

Restaurant “La niña de mis ojos” – Closed

Carrer Laforja, 83 Barcelona
Barcelona (Spain)
Telf: (+34) 931 578 599
E-mail: info@restaurantelaninademisojos.com/
Web: https://restaurantelaninademisojos.com/


One day I received a call from a school friend. She wanted me to know a relatively new restaurant. I had not references about it; but I was sure that the recommendation would be good... because she had never done this before! It would be a special place! ;-)

Immediately I asked her the name of the place to find out about it. It already captivated me... it is so cool that someone has chosen a name with such feeling to a restaurant, right?

It is also true that the gastronomic offer in general and, especially in Barcelona, is so varied and complete that it is difficult to be surprised; but I  shared two words with Dácil and Javier and I understood that I was in a different place.

They are a couple that put the whole soul in the project they have created together. She takes care of the bar out; he from the bar inwards. Everyone has their land. I liked the parallelism of the two roles. She pampers all the details of the dining rooms with an enviable passion. And he does the same when he talks about the products he plays with in the kitchen. They are retailers. I like it.

The restaurant is divided into three floors.

The zero floor is the largest. Just passed the kitchen, there is a very diaphanous room with garnet velvet sofas, lights that simulate light bulbs and many black and white pictures of swings. Of course, all the details are impeccably maintained. On the first floor there are two environments; and, if you need to enjoy a private event, do not forget to ask for the reserved one they have on the -1 floor, where you will enjoy maximum privacy.

I don't want to forget to mention Jocelyn. She is aware of everything without overwhelming anything. Dominate the room.

Type: market cuisine. Small dishes to share.

  • Crispy potato, truffle and egg snack - One of the star dishes. Great way to start the meal. Javier has caught the right point of truffle to give strength to the dish without canceling the other tastes. You have to eat suddenly.
  • Bravas "La Niña de Mis Ojos" - Thin rolled potatoes with "alioli". This dish is hard worked. It has a different presentation. They are a little bit spicy.
  • Crab and shrimp salad - There are salads and salads and then there is this one. Very tasty and light. It is not heavy.
  • Red prawn balls, stuffed with cuttlefish, vegetables and mushrooms - Another of the star dishes. Elegant dish. Good product where the shrimp has an indisputable prominence.
  • Tomato stuffed with crumbled cod and Gordal olive soup - Great presentation. I have eaten cod with tomato many times, but I have never seen it presented like this. It is sad to break it and it is even more sad that the olive soup is over! Great creativity in this dish.
  • Grilled octopus with potato parmentier and "mojo picón" with cassava chip - I found it short. The octopus was in the perfect spot and the parmentier delicious. I loved the mixture of flavors with cassava.
  • Grilled "Kamada" mussels in coconut curry sauce - Risky contrast of products that I approve.
  • 100% Iberian dam with hummus and tomatoes - Another of the star dishes. It melts in the mouth. Great.
  • Veal osso bucco cannelloni, marrow, black truffle and Enoki mushrooms - The only problem with this dish is that they brought it to me last. I could not enjoy it as it deserves because I was full.
  • "Torrija" with brioche bread with coffee and mascarpone ice cream and pine nuts - One of the best "Torrija" I've ever eaten.
  • Roasted pineapple with coconut foam and sesame - I was positively surprised.

Sensitivity inside and outside the kitchen. I love this place!

Price: High. From 40€

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