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Restaurant “Arka”

Restaurant “Arka”

Carretera d'Arbúcies, 1-3-5 Santa Eugènia de Berga
Barcelona (Spain)
Telf: (+34) 938 895 332
E-mail: hotel@hotelarumi.com
Web: http://www.arkarestaurant.cat/

I spend many hours browsing social media. I am constantly looking for new dishes from the restaurants that I already know and distrusting those restaurants that I do not know. I must say, however, that with age I have gained in judgment. I do not know if it is very correct for me to say it, but it is true that I no longer dazzle myself with anything. The bar is getting higher and higher. And I speak in general.

It is difficult that a photo of a dish makes me zoom more than twice. Arka's Instagram got it. This is how I met them and this is how they "hooked me" following them with an interest that was growing until I went there.

It is difficult to find a restaurant with such quality. And I speak of quality in the establishment, in the product offered and in humane treatment. Quality in a town that I had not even heard of. Now I already have it marked on Google Maps with a star.

It is difficult to find a chef with such professional tour and so humble at the same time. Jordi Arumí has been in the kitchens of Drolma, of Via Veneto, of Celler de Can Roca and Azurmendi... great CV and he doesn't even explain it.

And what is even more difficult is not to get excited listening to Joan (her father) who, with great enthusiasm, tells me that Arka is a family and generational project where now Jordi is in charge and he is helping her.

Arka is: feeling, honesty, humility, work, effort, enthusiasm and quality. Great!

The restaurant is located on the ground floor of the hotel "Arumí". The restaurant's modern entrance contrasts sharply with the hotel's classic building. The entrance has character. Black and white. Without grays. Like tablecloths. Blue dishes perfectly combined with the flowers on the tables. The dining room is elegant and quiet. Mari Alba is partly responsible for that, she controls the room perfectly and ensures that everyone is comfortable.

Type: signature and seasonal cuisine with local products.

  • Basket with small toasts, tomatoes and "fuet". "Porronet" of oil and salt - It is not possible to serve the "pa amb tomàquet" in a more original way.
  • Appetizer of olives stuffed with anchovies and liquid porcini croquettes - If I have to choose ones, I prefer the latest ones. Great texture and very (very) tasty. Taste explosion in the mouth. One of the star dishes.
  • Gazpacho with tiger prawn tails, greek yogurt spheres and basil - The product mix is fascinating. Yogurt balls have a great responsibility of the success of the dish. Another of the star dishes.
  • Squid sauteed with our black onion and its ink - Good product and nice staging.
  • Royal foie gras with fig and air textures by Pedro Ximenez - I have already eaten the mixture of foie and fig on other occasions; but never with these textures. The royal is very elegant and the pieces of fig give this product the importance it deserves. The detail of the flowers stole my heart. Star dish without a doubt. Delicious.
  • Scallop in the glazed cream with roast juice - With this dish I cannot be too objective. If the scallop alone already captivates me... imagine with the delicious sauce. It was short.
  • Fideuá without noodles with plankton aioli - This dish is original. It shows that Jordi likes to play in the kitchen! It deceives the eye.
  • Lacquered goatling's back with its sauce and fried potatoes with honey - It melts in the mouth. The sauce, which is very tasty, does not take away the role of the goatling. Perfect balance.
  • Northern hake with fried zucchini leaf and mini zucchini stuffed with "txangurro" - Fine dish. Fair size and impeccable presentation.
  • Goatling cooked at low temperature with tupinambos parmentier and fried tupinambos - So tasty.
  • Strawberry soup with creamy blue cheese and ginger crumble - I did not cry for education. The blue cheese pairs perfectly with the strawberries. It gives it strength, but without taking away prominence.
  • The Pepet. Sponge cake ice cream covered with caramelized Jijona nougat - Whether you like the cake or not, this dish should be ordered. Impressive staging. Art.
  • Chocolate brownie with creamy coffee, pacharan granita, red fruit gel and chocolate ice cream - The granita softens the weight of the chocolate.
  • Fig jellies with hazelnut and lime financials, chocolate truffles and chocolate chip cookies and eucalyptus.


Price: High. From 40€

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