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Getaway Serra de Tramuntana

I have always said that Mallorca has many surprises. It is a lovely island that, due to its size and richness in everything, I had not enough time to know it in two visits. It is full of charming places that captive everyone. The more I know it, the more I want to return. Many […]

Getaway with sailboat in Menorca

I have always said that there are two Menorcas: the one seen from land and the one seen from the sea. Both are very pretty; but one of them is more beautiful. And this is just the last one. If you spend a few days on the island, do not miss the opportunity to see […]

Hotel “Edelweiss”

I had not been to Camprodon in a very long time but I kept many good memories and I was looking forward to go back.  When I got the chance to spend a weekend there, I was thinking a lot about the accommodation. I did not want to make mistakes. I needed a place where […]

Hotel “El Convent 1613”

I was especially excited to see “El Convent 1613“. I had liked everything I had seen or read and the fact that it used to be a convent especially provoked me. History tells that the original convent was located 6 km from the town and the inclement weather and austerity of the time were why […]