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Hotel “La Luna”

Hotel “La Luna”


We arrived at Grenada from New York via Trinidad and Tobago.

The hotel is just a 10-minute drive from Maurice Bishop International Airport. The road is in good condition.

Saint Georges (Grenada)
Telf: (+1) 473 439 0001
E-mail: info@laluna.com
Web: https://www.laluna.com/

Arriving at "La Luna" hotel at night was my first contact with the Caribbean.

It was raining. A propeller plane, unpainted and in an obvious state of decay, was waiting for us in Trinidad and Tobago. We came from New York, where the scene was completely different. Inside the plane we were about 12 people maximum, of which 6 were us. In Grenada, they made us get off in the middle of the runway and walk to the airport facilities in practically the dark.

The airport and surroundings surprised me a lot. The images I had seen of the Caribbean were long beaches with white sand and turquoise blue water. All very idyllic. I imagine that I had in mind the advertising of the large tourist hotels that are on the beach and I went with a preconceived image that had nothing to do with what I found. I also have to say that it was my first trip outside Europe. At that time, I had traveled little.

In less than an hour, between immigration control and the road trip, we arrived at "La Luna". The first thing that came to my mind is that I was in a beautiful oasis; but definitely an oasis. It is located on a privileged hill, on a solitary beach (Portici beach) and only 5 minutes away from the Grand Anse area with restaurants, other hotels and beaches.

The hotel is rustic, elegant and so romantic that it is perfect for couples. It is perfect for those who are looking for the quiet Caribbean and away from the crowds of all included hotels. The bar is lovely. It is next to the pool and has a mix of styles. At certain times, I thought I might be in Southeast Asia. Wooden furniture, straw on the roof and very warm lights. I imagined that we had the sea in front of us because of the noise of the waves and because of the darkness, but I couldn't see anything.

As it was late, they made us some salads with cocktails at the pool bar. Everything was delicious and we were very comfortable, but we didn't take us long to go up to the rooms. They are cabins that are distributed, without order, by the mountain. There are only 16 and they are colored. Really wide and comfortable; but what I liked the most was the private pool that is on each of the terraces. They have absolute privacy. Currently, there are also modern villas that were built some time after my visit.

The next day we woke up early with the sunlight and the surprise was huge when we opened the door! We had the Caribbean Sea at our feet! The turquoise blue water and the white sand were the perfect setting. The distribution of the cabins on the mountain was intended to get good views and none of them impeded the rest. It seemed like a magical moment. The silence and the colors made me fall in love.

We enjoyed the Portici beach, the beach in front of the hotel, with the illusion of small children. The water was warm and the giant shells decorated the sand in an unprecedented way for me. It was wonderful to share those moments with the local people. Despite being a lonely beach, things always happen. On one occasion a man approached to make straw hats on the spot; obviously, I had that hat in Barcelona for years. Another day a group of teenagers came to spend the afternoon. But the best of all is when the boat arrives, with its strident colors, to show the fish that they have caught that same morning. The "ceremony" is amazing. The hotel chef chooses what he wants and takes it to the restaurant. That is what they offer for lunch. It is wonderful.

The hotel makes life around the sea. The pool, yoga pavilion, Asian spa, gym and Italian restaurant all face the sea. The bar service extends to the wooden hammocks on the sand. One of the coolest activities is to take the catamaran that they have right there to go to the beach next door.

Although the hotel is wonderful, the added value is provided by the human team behind it. They are very friendly and make the stay better than expected.

Do not let yourself be absorbed by the hotel and go on excursions to know the island. It keeps the authenticity of the real Caribbean away from tourism. Visit the capital (Saint Georges), visit the market and look for Camile from the kiosk "The White House", take a bath in the Annandale Waterfall, visit the Grand Etang Reserve and walk through the fishing village of Gouyave.

Everything is wonderful.

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