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Getaway Coves de Salnitre

Getaway Coves de Salnitre


From the parking, the caves are accessed through 224 external stairs.

The path gives fantastic views.

Barcelona (Spain)
Telf: (+34) 93 7779076
E-mail: turisme@collbato.cat
Web: https://www.covesdemontserrat.cat/

The Montserrat mountain hides, inside, an almost unknown underground world. Considering that I am not an expert on the subject and that my knowledge is almost null, I had always seen Montserrat as a compact mountain and I did not imagine how deceived I was! Thanks to this excursion, I have learned that a set of caves pierce the massif. Specifically, there are about 100; but I want to talk about the ones placed in Collbató.

The "Coves de Salnitre", also called "Coves de Collbató" o "Coves de Montserrat", are so spectacular that over the years they inspired artists such as Gaudí and Rusiñol; in fact, they say that its shapes inspired Gaudí for the Sagrada Familia. They are not just any caves; they are the largest set of rooms in Catalonia! Experts assure that they are the caves that best reflect the history of Catalan caving. They are very rich in minerals. In the past there were nitrate farms.

In July the "Festival Gong" is held inside, offering music concerts. I have not had the opportunity to experience any, but I wish it! If they have already impressed me, I can not imagine with the musical show.

The length of the caves that can be visited is 549 meters with a difference of 20 meters (500 steps) and an interior temperature of 14 ° C. The upper part of the cave cannot be visited. The lights turns on as you go inside.

The most curious is that the water is the maximum responsible for this fantastic landscape. The sea has been here in the past!

The caves can only be seen with a guided tour of approximately one hour. The excursion begins with a very interesting audiovisual and continues with a tour, where a guide explains both the history and several curiosities. We visit the "Sala de la Catedral" with about 60 meters long and turns of up to 35 meters, the "Pou del Diable" with 16 meters depth, the "Cova de les Ratapinyades", la "Cova del Cambril" and the "Sala de la Verge". They are all very interesting.


  • From Tuesday to Friday, they only admit concerted visits for groups of at least 20 people.
  • Weekends and holidays at 10:30 a.m., 11:45 a.m., 1:00 p.m. (could be in Spanish, if requested), 5:00 p.m. By default, they are made in Catalan.

General admission is 7,5€
Photos can only be taken at the entrance.
The views, towards the Bruc, are amazing.

Montserrat Parc Natural, mapa y guía excursionistas.



The visit lasts approximately one hour.


No problem. In fact, if they are not very small, they love it!


Only guide dogs can enter.

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