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Getaway Ansovell

Getaway Ansovell


On the road between Bellver de Cerdanya and La Seu d’Urgell there is the turnoff with the indication.

You have to cross Arsèguel.

The road is curvy, but it is in good condition.

Lleida (Spain)

Ansovell is a town in the municipality of Cava of Alt Urgell located on the northern slope of the Serra del Cadí, while it is an access to the Natural Park of Cadí-Moixeró.

Its beauty is such that it is enough to walk quietly through the narrow streets. The walls are made of stone, the windows and the doors are made of wood and the roofs of old tile. The town design is perfect. It has the aesthetics of the typical mountain village that we all have in mind. It seems taken from a tale. One of its most characteristic features are the views of the Serra del Cadí; the other are the wooden balconies. It seems that these ones are designed to allow their owners to enjoy the views.

In the town there is neither a shop, nor a restaurant, nor a cafeteria. Nothing. Only a rural tourism house and a Romanesque church. Again and as I have already reported in other publications, the church was closed and I could not see it inside. What a hobby they have! It is the church of Sant Martí, date of the 12th century and is very small.

The tranquility of the town is huge. They say it has 25 inhabitants. I did not see one and only saw a house with life inside. All the other ones were completely closed.

There are many hiking trails through the natural park that goes from the town and are perfectly indicated.



The town can be visited in one morning.


No problem.


No problem.

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