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Restaurant “El Convent 1613”

Restaurant “El Convent 1613”


It is accessed by road to La Fresneda. The restaurant is located in the hotel which is located in the middle of the village.

Calle Convento, 1 La Fresneda
Teruel (Spain)
Telf: (+34) 978 854 850
E-mail: hotel@hotelelconvent.com
Web: https://restaurant.hotelelconvent.com/

When I wrote about the hotel "El Convent 1613" in La Fresneda I made a special mention to the restaurant just because the simple fact of being located in an old church.

Aesthetically, I found it amazing. But what most amazed me was how the  architecture has respected a space full of contrasts: modernity vs history. Extraordinary design with glass and iron combined with the columns of the old church. In fact, the walls still have the original paintings from 1613.

You need to see it from above and from below. It is one of those places that you can appreciate the difference when you look at them from different perspectives.

The main character of the lower part is, without a doubt, the patio. It has a lot of brightness, a fountain and some plants. Around it, separated by glass, there are different spaces. Even there is a room where you can enjoy a more private environment. At the top, aside from the restaurant tables, there are also areas that are designated as living rooms.

Everywhere you can breathe a peaceful environment.

Type: traditional cuisine with seasonal products and small additions from other cultures.

  • Homemade guacamole toasted with salmon and "tapenade" - Small starter that serves as a sample to see the quality of the product they offer. The "olivada" gives it a perfect contrast.
  • "Salmorejo" - Cold tomato and garlic soup with cheese ice cream and salvia land and "sobrasada". One of the star dishes. The cheese ice cream liked it so much that I asked for another one.
  • Foie with peach - Grilled duck foie gras with vanilla peach on spices bread. Another one of the star dishes. Foie is one of my weaknesses and this one is really good. The contrast between the sweetness of the peach is what I loved the most. The bread of spices, although it has its personality, does not cancel the taste of the foie.
  • Hake with vegetables - Supreme hake from Celeiro port, stuffed with vegetables with vermouth cream and pistachios. An elegant and light dish that is perfectly complemented with cream.
  • Spiced lamb and homemade hamburguer with tzatziky sauce of yogurt, cucumber and black olive compote - I loved the mix.
  • Chocolate mousse - Delicious. Although I have to say that it was eclipsed by the other two desserts.
  • Rosemary Flam - Amazzing the Rosemary touch!
  • Lavender sponge cake - The third star dish at night. Amazing.

They have an extensive wine menu. In addition, do not forget that, aside from the bar and the restaurant, you can order to take the wine or any infusion in the gardens of the cloister, in front of a fireplace or in any of the rooms that are hidden by the hotel.

The service is excellent. They are very nice, they are aware of everything and they do not overwhelm the clients. Their happiness is transmitted to the guests. Overall, Great place!

Price: High. From 40€

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