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Getaway Isla de los Pájaros

Getaway Isla de los Pájaros


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I went to Morrocoy, from Caracas, by car. It is more than 3 hours passing through Maracay, Valencia, Puerto Cabello, Moron and Tucacas.

Parque Nacional Morrocoy
Falcón (Venezuela)

Morrocoy is, without a doubt, one of my favorite places of Venezuela.

It is a very complete destination and perhaps not known by Europeans. The well-deserved recognition of Los Roques worldwide has eclipsed this paradise and I am glad. I was at the inn "El Paraíso Azul" and on amazing beaches like Playuela and Playuelita practically alone. What I liked most is the diversity of things to see and experience. One of them is the Isla de los Pájaros.

Between Cayo Mero and the Marina Costa Azul there are some mangroves that occupy a large part of the bay. They are channels that can only be navigated in small boats. They took me in the afternoon when the sun was already going down. The light there was wonderful (I assure you that it is not reflected in the photos). Without knowing the area, the trips I took through the Canal del Amor or the Caño de los Enamorados seemed eternal and magical to me.

The visit ended on Isla de los Pájaros, where the only difference with respect to the rest of the mangroves visited is the high volume of existing birds. There you must respect silence and only listen to the natural noises of the animals and the noises in contact with the water and trees. The "peñero" (person who carries the boat) himself already turns off the engine to contribute to that wonderful moment.

They told me that it is the refuge of seabirds during the rainy season which is from November to February. Goodness! Because I went in July and it was full! Although I have no knowledge of birds in general and I assume that the variety I saw are of high natural value, I must say that I loved the intense red ones called corocoras. They are the most different from anything I had seen so far. They are native to the northern coast of South America. When they are born they are white and with age they become intense red. This is due to the consumption of crustaceans.

After my visit, I read that it is a renowned site for oysters, sea sponges and starfish. They say there is a shallow area where you can see all this from the boat. They didn't take me. If you go to Morrocoy, the inn will surely offer you a tour of Isla de los Pájaros. Take advantage and ask them to take you to see the stars. They say it's a show.

This specific area is mangroves. There are no beaches on Isla de los Pájaros; but just a few minutes away there are beaches as amazing as Cayo Mero or Playuela and Playuelita.

If you need and/or want help organizing your getaway, don't hesitate to send me an mail!

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An afternoon with a sunset is enough to see it.


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