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Getaway La Asunción y Muelle El Morro

Getaway La Asunción y Muelle El Morro


Isla Margarita is accessed by plane from the main cities of Venezuela (Caracas one of them).

Once there, a car is necessary to get around the island. You get to La Asunción by road in good condition.

La Asunción
Isla Margarita (Venezuela)

I have always defended the search for charming nooks even in destinations as touristic as the Isla Margarita in Venezuela and these are two clear examples.

La Asunción is less than 15 minutes by car from Porlamar (the main urban and economic center of the island). La Asunción is a small city that seems asleep. Despite its tiny size and the few activity that seems to be taking place, it is the capital of Nueva Esparta, which is a free Caribbean state made up of Isla Margarita, Isla de Coche and Isla Cubagua. It is located very close to the Parque Nacional Cerro El Copey.

I am convinced that if it were not for the fact that people from the same island took me, I would never have known this charming city. During my stay there I did not see a single tourist. The streets are for pedestrians and, with the heat that it is, there are not too many local people walking around.

Like all Venezuelan city, the activity is concentrated in the Plaza Bolívar. You have to enter the "San Juan Bosco" pastry shop to try the rosquitas, pan de leche and beso de coco. Let yourself be surprised at the "Centro Comercial Artesanal El Güire" where small exhibitions are held, excellent fruit juices are offered and where the fountain of wishes is! Despite all this, I have to admit that the Catedral de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción caught my attention. It is the second oldest church in Venezuela, only surpassed in antiquity by the one in Coro. It is in an obvious state of decay which fascinated me. Colonial style, decorated perfect for a Caribbean island.

I also visited Muelle El Morro and Playa Valdez. These are 20 minutes away, by car, from La Asunción. The beach is protected by rocks. The water is calm and the pier is wonderful. The colorful boats with the nets and the fishermen, who take the opportunity to sell the fish right there, make the perfect scenery.

Eat an arepa in the street. Thanks to the fact that I went with local people, I can say that I ate one of the best arepas I've ever eaten there.

I was staying at the hotel "Agua Dorada" located in Playa El Agua. It is a hotel that surprises in aesthetics. Very modern and quite new. I loved it. It is located at one end of the island. Despite not being centrally located, the distances from the islands mean that this is not an inconvenience.

No one should leave Isla Margarita without visiting La Asunción and the fishermen of Playa Valdez.

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