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Mirador Badia

Mirador Badia


In the Gonzales Isla square there is a wooden house where they explain the different experiences and where you can buy tickets. In any case, I recommend having made a reservation in advance and going to the house only as a meeting point. The ship is right there.

Plaça Gonzales Isla Ampolla
Tarragona (Spain)
Telf: (+34) 676 331 938
Web: https://miradorbadia.com/

Look well! This post starts differently than the rest of the ones already published.

I always categorize the publications by their theme: restaurants, getaways, hotels, etc. And I make it very clear in the title. With "Mirador Badia" I have not been able to do it. And do you know why? Well, because it can be considered both a getaway and a restaurant. And, if you allow me the audacity, I would also put it in the "master classes" drawer.

Rubén and Xavi are two brothers who are behind this initiative in which they help to preserve the Delta de l'Ebre natural park, while making it known. I applaud and will always applaud these kind of projects that can only get ahead with passion. They love the land that has seen them grow, they value it and they want to proudly show it to the world.

It all starts with a speedboat ride around Bahía del Fangar. It is a beautiful and unique place. From there, each one chooses the type of experience they want to live:

  • Bath experience: tour on the Bay, stop for a bath, visit the gallery/museum and oyster and mussel tasting. Duration 1:30 hours. Departure at 10:30a.m.
  • Vermouth experience: tour on the Bay, visit the gallery/museum and oyster and mussel tasting. Duration 2:30 hours. Departure at 12 noon.
  • Total experience: tour on the Bay, visit to the gallery/museum and total menu (steamed mussels, mussels with grandmother's sauce, marinated mussels, 2 natural oysters, 2 cava oysters, 1 vodka oyster, 1 oyster with tempura, 1 oyster gratin and oyster mousse). Duration 5 hours. Departure at 12 noon.
  • Sunset Experience: tour on the Bay, visit to the gallery/museum and oyster and mussel tasting. Duration 2:30 hours. Departure at 6:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.
  • Personalized experience for groups: let your imagination fly and they will make it possible!

They pick up you at the port of l'Ampolla, skirt the Bay until you reach Punta del Fangar and you will enter the mussels. It is true that the environment is wonderful, but this last moment is amazing. I had seen Delta on several occasions and I had never like it so much. From the sea is another scenery.

In the little wooden house in the middle of the Bay they explain the cultivation process. It is a master class that helps to understand, from beginning to end, each of its stages. And, above all, it helps to empathize with the manuality of the process in which machines cannot even intervene. The explanations are theoretical and practical: both with photos and pulling the ropes to see the oysters in their habitat.

The next step is the tasting of the mussels and oysters. With a glass of cava in hand, they explain how to identify oysters and differentiate them from oysters from other places. Very interesting visit in the province of Tarragona.

It is romantic and instructive at the same time. Perfect for couples, families or groups wanting to have fun and... necessary for everyone. You have to see and live it.

Thank you Rubén for letting me know about your great project.

If you choose one of the short experiences, I recommend taking the opportunity to eat at the Taverneta de l'Ampolla, at the Mas de Prades in Deltebre or at the Racó del Riu in Sant Jaume d'Enveja. The first is not on the seafront, nor is it a luxurious place; but you eat good fish in a very authentic environment! The second is a more formal place where you can eat very good products and the third one has more than 40 rice specialties.

A good rural accommodation in the middle of the rice fields is the Masia Tinet. It only has 6 rooms, it is very cute and they are a charm. It is worth sleeping there to integrate into the environment.

Do not hesitate to send me a mail if you need help to organize your trip!


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