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Getaway Cayo Playuela y Playuelita

Getaway Cayo Playuela y Playuelita


Cayo Playuela y Playuelita are placed on an island in Parque Nacional de Morrocoy. You can only access by boat. The boats are hired (with the driver) at any of the marinas (ports) that are located in the same park.

Parque Nacional Morrocoy
Falcón (Venezuela)

I have said on many occasions that Morrocoy was a discovery for me.

There are destinations in Venezuela, such as Los Roques, which are world famous. Everyone knows it even they have not been there; but who knows Morrocoy? I already wrote it in the post of Playa Mero: I think that Venezuelans do not speak too much because they do not want to make public this secret and they keep it hidden.

I stayed at "El Paraíso Azul", a charming inn where you can enjoy one of the best views of the Parque Nacional de Morrocoy. It is the perfect place to enjoy the sunset and a quiet evening; but during the day you must not stay there. Spend every second to see the "keys". There are many of them and all of them are a true paradise. It is very difficult to choose which visit. Let yourself be informed by the recommendations of people of the inn. I hired all the excursions with them.

Cayo Playuela y Playuelita is an almost perfect destination to spend a fascinating beach day.

I left the "Marina Costa Azul". It is like a yacht club or marina and it is located a few meters from the inn. They took me from the inn to the marina in a pickup that was loaded with a refrigerator full of ice, the picnic to spend the hole day at the beach and some towels.

Once everything is loaded into the "peñero" (this is how they call the boats there with their drivers), we only need 10 minutes of navigation to reach a channel made by mangrove swamps. It was the first time I saw the mangroves so close! And just when I was enjoying more, suddenly, I realize that this path takes us to the back of the beach. Wonderful! The way to reach the beach already captivated me.

We stayed in Playuelita. Looking towards the sea, it is placed to the left. There, the crew members of the "peñero" are responsible for renting the parasol and hammocks. They organize everything and leave you with food and drinks. Playuelita is a beach with very fine white sand and turquoise water. It is a real paradise. The Venezuelans (I hope they will not get angry if they read this) have the bad habit of putting them all together. This, for a European, who always looks for privacy and moves away from agglomerations, is fantastic. I positioned the farest possible and I enjoyed a piece of beach just for me. The heat was very strong and the sea is quite hot.

Cayo Playuela is completelly different. It is located just across the beach; that is, looking to the sea, to the right. It is another paradise, but less comfortable. It is more virgin. It is not a place to enjoy a day at the beach because there are rocks and access to the sea is not easy. In this part of the beach there is no people. It's lovely to take photos and to sit down to enjoy a wonderful landscape. Nothing more.

The perfect plan is to spend the day at Playuelita and then walk to Cayo Playuela to enjoy even more the silence.

I had an unforgettable day.

You can send me a mail if you need help with the organization!


An entire day is enough to see the two beaches.
It is best to spend the rest of the days to see the other beaches/islands in the area. It's a paradise.


No problem.


No problem.

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