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Getaway Binibeca

What can I say about a town that has seen me grow? In this post I cannot be too objective. Binibeca is my second home and I love it. This post is special. I always write with maximum transparency and honesty because I like to convey what has made me vibrate; but in this case, […]

Getaway Camí de Sa Vigia

Torret is one of my favorite places in Menorca. In the area, I really appreciate the absence of tourists and its architectural style. It is located at the south of Sant Lluís and Maó, and should not be confused with Cala Torret, which is a much more frequented place. Torret is a group of white […]

Getaway with sailboat in Menorca

I have always said that there are two Menorcas: the one seen from land and the one seen from the sea. Both are very pretty; but one of them is more beautiful. And this is just the last one. If you spend a few days on the island, do not miss the opportunity to see […]

Restaurant “Alcaufar Vell”

It is, without a doubt, one of my favorite restaurants in Menorca. I visit it nearly every year. It has a special charm. The building is elegant and rustic at the same time. Just getting out of the car I breathed an great calm. The tranquility and silence made me drop the revs immediately. Something […]