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Getaway Binibeca

Getaway Binibeca


It is accessed by car to the town. In high season it is difficult to find parking.

Menorca (Spain)

What can I say about a town that has seen me grow? In this post I cannot be too objective. Binibeca is my second home and I love it.

This post is special. I always write with maximum transparency and honesty because I like to convey what has made me vibrate; but in this case, it is hard for me to uncover the secrets of this town. I'm not going to lie you, I feel it "mine" and I don't want to share them too much... ;-)

In the guides and on the Internet they say it is an old fishing village; but it has never been that. I often hear guides telling made-up stories to tourists. The truth is that there were only one or two fishermen at the most, the popular Juanita who was the only inhabitant of the town throughout the year (rest in peace) and the rest were people from the peninsula who went there to spend the summer. I have also heard that the planters were places where the cows drank... 

If I'm not mistaken, it was around 1970 when Antoni Sintes, a rigger who worked in an architecture studio in Barcelona, presented the first model of the town. The surprise was twice: all the houses were different and the plans of the houses were modified on the progress.

The houses are so small. Most of them are for 4 people, with two bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchen integrated into the dining room. Initially, the beds, wardrove, shelves and tables were made of cement; but, step by step, the owners have been modernizing it and now there are few like that.

The streets of the white town are paved and are for pedestrians only. The width is less than one meter and it is not easy to locate in it. It is like a small maze for those who do not know it, but it is very funny. The square in the center of the town has a very small chapel where one mass is celebrated a year. Binibeca is one of the most important tourist attractions in Menorca. In high season it is very crowded; but still it has charm and still has authentic nooks.

Having seen the paths, you have to visit Caló d'en Fust, known by local people as the embarcadero. It is a cement platform where the boats of the Club Nautic Binibeca Vell members are located and where most of the town take a bath there. There are two caves closed to the public of which several stories are told.

At the entrance of the town there is a shopping center where there are a couple of shops that are worth: Local 23 where there are very cute dresses and accessories and the Pou Nou with t-shirts and bags characteristic of the island.

A section of the Camí de Cavalls passes through the town. It is a coastal path that borders the entire perimeter of the island, passing by almost all the beaches. I have done four stages and I liked it so much that I will do a few more shortly!

Nearby, there are three secret places. I had never talked about them before.

Acapulco is a cliff where young people jump doing pirouettes. There are three levels of rocks and the competitions between them are constant to see who can shoot the highest. The name is in honor of the original Acapulco of Mexico. It is located between the town of Binibeca and Ses Olles, the latter being the first place in Binisafua. It is very close to the town; in fact, it is one of the capes of Caló d'en Fust.

In the opposite direction; that is to say, heading south, just outside the town there is a small and very cute natural pool. It is one of the best kept secrets of Binibeca. You have to go when the north wind blows because you will see it amazing. If you go with a south wind, it will be dirty. The water is green.

Continuing along the road that runs along the coast, just before reaching Playa de Binibeca, is the Bufador de Binibeca. It is a very special place. I had always seen it from the sea. It is a cave with holes in the ceiling. From the sea it is wonderful; but from land too! It is not seen until one is practically on top! You have to be careful about the height.

I recommend having breakfast at the Cala Torret Bakery where you can eat really good. I love avocado toast and smoothies. The place is not so cute, but the service and food are great!

For dinner, very close to Binibeca, there is the Nautic Binisafua restaurant. The tapas are good, but the fish of the day is really good! It is located in an old boathouse and has wonderful views of a creek. Take the opportunity to go to dinner while it is still daylight, so you will enjoy the views!

At 15 minute drive away, there is a fantastic hotel. The Alcaufar Vell (book a room here) is one of my favorites on the island. It has a very special charm. 

I bought the book Menorca. Reserva de la biosfera (Español) (Guia & Mapa) and it was a success! It is very well documented and I refer to it often.

If you need and/or want help in organizing the getaway, do not hesitate to send me an mail! I have contacted with people there and we are organizing really good activities.

To get around the island you need to rent a car. You can do it at the same airport in Mahón where there is Europcar. They never fail!



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