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Restaurant “Trébol”

Restaurant “Trébol”


You have to leave your car in the parking lot at the entrance of the town and walk down to the port.

Moll de Cales Fonts, 43 Es Castell / Villacarlos
Menorca (Spain)
Telf: (+34) 971 367 097
E-mail: info@trebolmenorca.es
Web: https://trebolmenorca.es/

You will always hear me speak well about "Trébol". And that's great because I've known it for more than 40 years and... I have no intention of being more precise. I went as a child with my grandparents, as a teenager with my parents and as an adult with as few people as possible so as not to share dishes. So many years enjoying it.

I have a special appreciation for it. It has seen me grow and I have seen how, year after year, it has always maintained a good level of product and cuisine. I can't say that I have seen it grow because they are great from the beginning. How difficult it is to find places like this nowadays!

Going to "Trébol" is always a reason for joy. It is located in the best port of Menorca. I know that many of you will argue with me by talking to me about Ciutadella or Maó; but I have always said and I say (with my head held high) that Cales Fonts has a special charm. I have been captivated since so many years ago and the more I know it, the more I fall in love with it. It is small and full of llaüts. On one side are the restaurants and shops that are at street level and inside the rocks. In the other, there is a wooden walkway from where there are the best views of the port. Being able to dine well with these views is a luxury.

It has been open since 1969 and, for years I think it is the best fish on the island.

It is located almost at the end of the port. It is quickly recognized by the green awning with a shamrock and the name painted in white. The terrace is rustic but elegant at the same time. Even if you stay for dinner on the terrace (I recommend it), don't miss the opportunity to go inside. The space is won from the rocks. It is like a kind of cave well painted white and where all the corners are rounded. In the background is the fish tank with fresh seafood.

It is open from Easter to October. In high season (July and August) book in advance. It is always full.

If you are looking for accommodation in the area, I recommend Alcaufar Vell and Sant Joan de Binissaida. They are both wonderful.

What can I tell you about them? María, Damián and Camacho are charming. Special people who make the place special.

Type: cuisine based on fresh fish. Really good quality.

  • Island Mushrooms - I can't be subjective with this dish. I love mushrooms. I had never tried the ones from the island and now I can say that I will always order them. Really good.
  • Asparagus with prawns and garlic - Simple dish where the product is enhanced. Good quality that makes the dish exquisite.
  • Mussels - Mussels from Menorca are delicious. 
  • Nettles from Menorca - Those of you who like nettles cannot leave without trying them!
  • Cuttlefish with zucchini - One of the star dishes. Contrast of products that I really liked. Both are cooked at their perfect point.
  • Fried monkfish with onion - Another of the star dishes. Both the monkfish and the onion are good battered and fried.
  • Prawns - When the prawns are good, I don't share them. They only "stole me" one.
  • Crayfish with cava with onion - I prefer prawn than crayfish and, instead, I have to say that this dish is amazing!
  • Any fish on the menu - All of them are very good. Fresh fish served with vegetables.
  • Cheese Flan - Delicious.
  • Brownie - With three giant cherries.

A classic from the island where I always leave with a smile on my face.

Price: High. From 40€

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