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Accommodation “Can Lamat”

“Can Lamat” is a different place. On Instagram I saw a photo of an infinity pool on a river. It caught my attention. I am used to seeing photos of luxurious hotels with infinity pools on the sea, but I have never seen it on a river. This differential fact has already captivated me; but […]

Fly with Windoor Realfly

I had read that there is a wind tunnel in Empuriabrava, I had seen some photos and any video; and the truth is that I was aroused a certain curiosity, but I had not delved into the subject. When I was invited to the inauguration of the Barcelona one, I didn’t really know what it […]

Getaway Albaicín district

Albaicín is the oldest neighborhood and, at the same time, it is one of the most charismatic neighborhoods in Granada. It was the seed of the current Granada. I decided to spend enough time to visit everything (I also recommend reading the next post to know what to see in the Albaicín of Granada). I […]

Getaway Ansovell

Ansovell is a town in the municipality of Cava of Alt Urgell located on the northern slope of the Serra del Cadí, while it is an access to the Natural Park of Cadí-Moixeró. Its beauty is such that it is enough to walk quietly through the narrow streets. The walls are made of stone, the […]