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Hotel “Les Capçades”

This hotel is special. I arrived late after a busy day at work. I was nervous as if I was in a hurry, when, in fact, I was not. Claudia was the first to make me feel that there was something extraordinary inside those walls. I don’t know how she did it, but she slowed […]

Hotel “Llevant”

Few hotels have surprised me as much as this one. The history of the hotel dates back to 1935, when Maria Gratacós (“la Blanca”) founded a restaurant with rooms in the bay of Llafranc. It was originally called “Fonda Levante” and did not change its name until democracy arrived. Since then, it has no ...

Hotel “Terradets”

I am in love with the Congost de Mont-rebei. I have seen it, by land, doing a hiking trail; but now I wanted to live and see it from the same river. I needed another perspective on the majesty of the place and so I organized a getaway. When I was young, I often used to […]

Mirador Badia

Look well! This post starts differently than the rest of the ones already published. I always categorize the publications by their theme: restaurants, getaways, hotels, etc. And I make it very clear in the title. With “Mirador Badia” I have not been able to do it. And do you know why? Well, because it can [&hell