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Getaway Procida

Getaway Procida


There are three ferry companies that runs the Naples-Procida and Procida-Naples route: Caremar, SNAV and Medmar. All three are located in the port of Naples and there they provide information on prices and schedules.

I went with SNAV. In April, they have a boat four times a day. Take care because the last boat returns at 6pm. It is a closed boat where only passengers can go and where there is no possibility of taking the car.

The duration of the journey is approximately one hour and the cost is approximately €14 each way.

I think the number of boats are not enough and the departure times from Naples is not adequated (08:25, 12:30, 16:20, 19:00). In my opinion, they should increase the frequency of boats.

Naples (Italy)

Who has not taken advantage of the visit to the wonderful Naples to make a quick getaway to the romantic Capri? I have done it and it is really worth it. But, as always, we have a certain tendency to do what people do and it is often difficult for us to venture to discover places that are not so famous and that are awesome also.

This is the case of the unknown Procida. It is a small island that is very close to Naples and beside Ischia. I felt in love with Procida.

The boat arrives at the Marina di Procida. It is a port with a special charm. Time seems to be stopped here. Small colorful decadent houses decorate the wonderful Via Roma (what we know here as a promenade). This charming port has to be walked without hurry. The terraces of the restaurants are distributed next to each other just in front of the boats. There is a lot of life and many people, but the atmosphere that breathes is calm. One of the emblematic points of the port is the Parrocchia Maria della Pietá. It is strategically placed in the middle of the promenade and at the point most inside the sea. I gave it a protective meaning.

In front of the Parrocchia there is a narrow street called Via Vittorio Emanuele. Time still seems stopped here. There are many houses and some shops. All doors are open. You quickly reach a bifurcation in which you have to take the left (Via Principe Umberto). A few meters away is the Piazza dei Martiri; which, apart from having a special charm, also has the Santuario Santa Maria della Grazie Incoronata. Surrounding the church and taking Salita Castello street, towards the prison (Ex Carcere di Procida), you begin to enjoy the best panoramic views of the island. Small colored houses, fishing boats, the transparent sea and the imposing church made me lose track of time just watching from a distance. I recommend having patience and continue walking to the viewpoint. Worth it. The views of the Marina Corricella are amazing.

Getting to jail impressed me. I was surprised that, on one hand, they put up informative posters that the movie "The Postman" (Pablo Neruda) was filmed there and, on the other, they allow the deterioration of the buildings. It seemed to me to be a false marketing campaign. I went to the jail to visit it and I did not find any open door, not even information on the visiting hours. In fact, I still don't know if it can be visited. In the direction of the Abbazzia San Michele Arcangelo there are very wonderful places.

I bo back to go down to the Marina Corricella: the best of the excursion! It is an even smaller port than the previous one with more colored houses. The boats and the nets of the fishermen are the undisputed protagonists of the stage. Clothes hanging, restaurants and bicycles. Nothing else. Awesome. I recommend booking a table before arriving on the island. The number of visitors is too large for the number of restaurants and the lines to acces the restaurants are endless. I can't say anything more about this port than: live it!

I stayed at the Bed & Breakfast “Dimora San Felice” in the center of Naples. Completely renovated and very well located.

Procida has been a great discovery. No one had spoken to me and it is one of the most beautiful islands I have ever seen. It is a must if you visit Naples.

If you need and/or want help in organizing the getaway, do not hesitate to send me a mail!

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If you want to visit the entire island with calm, it takes a couple of days.
If you only want to see the most picturesque area (located in the northeast) with a single day that is enough.


No problem.

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