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Restaurant "Miralles"

Restaurant "Miralles"


The restaurant is in the center of Horta de Sant Joan.

Av. Generalitat, 19-21 Horta de Sant Joan
Tarragona (Spain)
Telf: (+34) 977 435 555
E-mail: info@hotelmiralles.com
Web: https://www.hotelmiralles.com/

It is not possible to talk about "Miralles" restaurant without mentioning Salvador (he gets angry if he is called Mr. Miralles). I talked about him in the post of the hotel "Las Capçades" and in the restaurant with the same name; but... here is where I met him. A few minutes talking with him was enough to realize that he has a special charisma. I left there with admiration and emotion. He did not leave me indifferent! Admiration to see everything he has achieved on his own merits. Just working. His eyes sparkled when he spoke of his daughters  or Campanera (who lived in "Las Capçades" and who left not long ago). It was difficult to talk to him. Everyone who was in the restaurant wanted to hug him. Besides of the good cuisine they offer, it's worth going there just to meet him.

The "Miralles" inn opened its doors in 1978. Young Pepita and Salvador took up the project with great enthusiasm. The beginning was hard, but years later and with the idea of being able to improve the offer, they decided to build the new building where the restaurant is placed now.

Rustic and classic style: stone walls, wooden tables and chairs, beams on the ceiling, some hanging paintings and iron lamps. Everything is neat and clean . It has a capacity for 120 people and there is a private dining room for those who want to celebrate a more intimate event. There is also another dining room for larger parties.

Apart from the tourists who are in Terra Alta (Tarragona) discovering Els Ports or the Via Verda, most of the clients are people who lives in the region. They have known each other for years. They come to see Salvador and to eat well.

Type: traditional Catalan cuisine. As they define themselves, "cooking over low heat with home-made products". This is their strong point: the water is from the Ports, the bread is handmade, the lambs are from their own breeding, the wines are from the region. What else?

  • Goat cheese tempura with homemade orange marmalade - Delicious way to start the meal. Although the tempura is very fine, they manage to refresh the dish with the jam. Good mix of products and textures.
  • Goat sausages - Have you ever tried goat sausages? I do not. Very tasty.
  • Pickled "crestón" - It is the star dish. Many people come here to try it. Its hald wild grazing, its vegetable diet, the purity of the waters of the Ports and daily control, make it one of the most exquisite meats. It is cooked with the austerity of the 13th century, with a lot of patience.
  • Homemade fresh cheese with honey ice cream and pine nuts - A kind of cottage cheese really good.

Do not leave without visiting the Convent of Sant Salvador!

Good people (who everybody loves) with a good product on the table. Cool!

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