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Restaurant “Ultramar”

Restaurant “Ultramar”

Carrer de la Torre, 1 Escala
Girona (Spain)
Telf: (+34) 872 201 421
E-mail: info@ultramarclub.com
Web: https://ultramarclub.com

I will always defend the places that have soul. And this is one of them. I like it very much.

From outside, it drew my attention and the attention of everyone who passed in front. The place is punished by the sea; but, at same time, it is very careful from the owners. The blue of the doors with the white letters seemed to me a great idea: very practical and marking the evident Mediterranean style. Stones strategically placed on the floor and wooden benches are part of the decoration that welcomed me and that I felt in love at the entrance.

Inside there are two environments.

The lower part (same level as the street) is very welcoming. A long bank, full of pillows, follows the windows. Although it is used as seat for wooden rustic tables, it made me sit down to take the first wine of the day. Antique furniture and retro-style furniture do not eclipse the authentic bar. Here, everything has its own personality.

The top part (first floor) is amazing for anyone. There are many beautiful things to look, but nothing distracted me from the amazing views of the sea. Do not hesitate to ask for a table near the window. You can see La Roca del Cargol and the entire bay of l'Escala. This place gave me an huge sensation of tranquility. Seeing the immensity of the sea from that table enjoying good food made me feel a lot.

Gerard deserves a separate mention. He lives everything with passion. Everything that happens indoors, both in the kitchen and outside, has been thinked to make it even better. His head does not rest. He wants to make different things and he do it. Check the agenda on their website. On Thursdays and Fridays there are always events that make the site really alive.

Type: elaborated market cuisine. The fruits and vegetables are from Empordà region and the fish from the Costa Brava.

  • Bean mouse with papadum and tender olive - Good way to start. It is a tastes contrast. I really did not expect it. I was very surprised with this appetizer.
  • Escudella broth and pot meat - Those who know me a little know that the escudella is one of my favourite meals. I enjoyed this broth brave. Tasty and not fat.
  • Marinated sardines with dried tomatoes and tender lemon - Very refreshing. Normally, the sardine is a fish that it is heavy for me; but in this case, they got me to see the sardine from another perspective.
  • Anchovies hanging from a thread - Sensational staging anchovy of L'Escala. Maximum creativity towards a classic product that is always presented in the same way. 
  • Mussels "ándele wey" - They are steamed with oil, avocado and red pepper with dehydrated onion. Definetelly, they are different. Mussels with red pepper? Mussels with avocado? Extreme mix of products with a fantastic result.
  • Tuna tartan with avocado, wasabi pearls and nori seaweed - Tasty and refreshing at the same time.
  • "Caralmar" in black tempura and maize with black garlic - Nobody can leave the restaurant without tasting it. Maonesa is very fine.
  • Wild bass with vegetables - Dish that shows that when the product is good, it can be cooked easily.
  • Chicken with ground olives, leeks and truffles - Great! Neither the truffle nor the leeks take the lead to the chicken. Delicious.
  • Chocolate Legos - Chocolate presented in the form of Lego. Original.

Do not leave without trying one of their cocktails. They work on evolutionary cocktail techniques based on extractions of flavors and premium liquors. They have their own ice station to guarantee the quality of this product so important in these drinks.

For me, it's a "must" of the Costa Brava. Very honest cuisine in a great spot.

Price: Medium. From 25€ to 40€

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